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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Un-American beards

Charles Johnson has now decided he's the arbiter of beards! CJ laments that "(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) has been ... allowed to grow his beard to a ridiculous length." Outrageous! There's an acceptable beard length and an unacceptable beard length, and KSM has definitely crossed the line!

In other news, Charles Johnson finds he has more in common with the Taliban than previously thought...


Keith said...

BREAKING NEWS: Abraham Lincoln, long admired for his role in maintaining the union during the American civil war, has since been found out to be a secret jihadacrazy Islamofascist. Though many in the south have suspected as much for generations, evidence was scarce until careful measurements of his beard were taken and very serious conservative bloggers brought this stunning revelation out into the public's attention.

"It became clear after a few hours of analyzing photographs of Mr. Lincoln that his beard was slightly too long to be patriotic, but, rather, most definitely fell into the Islamofscist category of length," said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

The story, ignored at first by major media outlets around the world, finally made it onto American cable news channels after "FAIR AND BALANCED"(tm) Fox News picked it up. CNN and MSNBC were soon to follow.

Conservative blogger Michele Malkin, who is famous for her rational observations on current events, plans to devote all of her blog entries for the next four weeks to covering this scandal which has enraged Rupublicans who now consider Lincoln a traitor and national enemy deserving nothing but contempt and hate.

Conservative groups around the country are planning protests to be held at the Lincoln memorial and Republican senators have considered attempting to pass a bill that would demolish the memorial. Many conservative activists claim the proposed bill does not go far enough and demand the wording of the bill specifically ensures that the memorial will be demolished with military grade explosives. Democratic lawmakers had no official comment, but sources close to the Democratic leadership confirm that they may be willing to pass a slightly weaker version of the bill.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, CJ is laughable, nice catch X, he has also something more in common with Saddam Hussein, both hate beards, the latter already arrested people for their suspicious beard. Robert Spenser has beard like a Jihadi and he himself talked about being profiled for his beard and for the Jihad word some people saw him viewing on his laptop.

Lex said...

Keith--Nice! Have you heard the rampant rumor that Malkin is planning on sporting a beard soon as well?

Re: Spencer, he's at least been mentioned in an al Qaeda communique...if there was ever a reason for someone writing in this sphere to keep going, that sort of reinforces it all, eh? I'd be frankly a bit scared if I were him. Just sayin'.

Nice X....I have a hard time looking for long at LGF. It just makes me either laugh or cringe. Or want to put on some Zappa...Wow, Zappa was part Arab and always sported a 'stache at least, how does Charles feel about that one?