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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Charles, This Bird, He Cannot CHANGE(!!!)--or, Charles liveblogs Obama's Victory Speech

This is just too funny. Charles is in the comments on his own Obama Victory Speech thread having some sort of fit, unable to offer anything more than grunts in comment form. Not that the other lizards aren't, such as this one who is already planning ahead:

#457 Palandine 6/03/08 7:30:43 pm reply quote 3


In the very scary hypothetical that this guy manages to win, it's wise to

1. Start paying down credit card debt, car payments, mortgages, student loans, etc. (always a good idea anyway).
2. Buy any rifles (and ammo, scopes, slings, etc.) you'd been thinking about buying. He won't let the mask fall for the first 100 days, so he won't try any bans beore then.
3. He can't raise taxes in 2009--too early to get a budget in.
4. Save up your money, get an emergency fund, and load up on beans, bullets, and band-aids. Between cap and trade tax increases and an unwillingness to find energy sources in our own country, money's going to get tight, businesses will go to business-friendly countries, and the economy will go in the dumper.

Be Prepared! I took an oath, so if he wins I have to respect him as my Commander-in-Chief, but it doesn't mean I don't see what a disaster we're heading for. I was a kid during the Carter years, and will never forget. We're going to look back on the Carter years as the god old days.

But even better, though probably scrambling to think up what to post now (despite claiming confusion in the Obama camp: "Imagine how the Obama camp is scrambling to figure out how to respond to Hillary Clinton’s non-exit.")

I figure he'll add a few more yet tonight, but here is the brilliant and insightful live-blogging by Charles on Obama's historic victory speech. More insight and intelligence are hard to find on political blogs these days, truly:

Ahh, there you go. I'm sure Charles is still throwing them out there (I skipped quite a bit of the procession, actually). No, wait he has started a new thread....unable to come up with any analysis off the cuff on his own aside from grunts, Charles has begun a new thread linking to this Wiki article, with the few post words:
"Change. Hope. Health care for all, and make the evil corporations pay for it. Surrender in Iraq.

America First!

Barack Obama’s victory speech in a nutshell."

And thus ends my live-blogging of Charles Johnson's live-blogging of Obama's Historic Victory (finally) Speech. If you take away nothing of value from this post, well then I've done my job in accurately reporting on LGF tonight.


ulegqai said...

I wonder what "It's wise to he can't raise taxes" means.

The Sphinx said...

Wow, Chuckles actually got a negative rating for one of his comments?? Wow, I thought the little green sheep squad are used to aimlessly rating all of his comments up.

Poor bastard who gave the minus probably got banned..

Tex Taylor said...

Ms. Lex,

Can you tell me what exactly "Hope and Change" mean? Not Webster's def...the specifics of what Bambi's campaign slogan is supposed to mean? It's a little vague.

I know that is sufficient for the bobble-headed, Bush and Hillary hating lemmings but um ah uh...

P.S. - I about dropped dead the other night. You had asked me a question a few weeks back on General Chen's site and I happened upon it. And I think I finally found something we can agree about concerning an issue about a 'multi-deco' Hummer? Could have knocked me over with a feather.

Tex Taylor said...


Poor bastard who gave the minus probably got banned..

LOL. Nah, it was my personal experience that you generally get one freebie before banishment - unless, of course, you hit C.J. in the right mood.

Of course, it probably didn't help that I shot him the internet equivalent of the bird either.

anonymous 37 said...

Okay, so his first bit of advice is to pay off outstanding debts? To me, this shows how completely full of shit he is. What he's saying is that Obama's presidency will lead to a massive deflationary crunch, and that Obama will not inflate his way out of the current fiscal crisis Bush put us in.

Does Charles actually believe that? Has he ever bothered making that argument? Of course he hasn't. It just sounds good to him, so he says it.

Sharksandwich said...

"It just sounds good to him, so he says it."

Well, that's how it works when you delete all people that don't agree and are left with a bunch of sycophants that agree with everything Chuckles proclaims, no matter how stupid.

I've had a few accounts on LGF and all were banned for disagreeing with the groupthink. Disagree and you are instantly labeled "Gordon", who apparently was someone that disagreed with Chuck and has now become synonymous with "troll".

And the level of paranoia there is astounding. For example, Chuck sitting in his piss-soaked pants constantly watching his referrer logs looking for the boogie man. Of course his histrionics trickle down through to his "lizards" and the "red behind every door" mentality pervades like a fungal growth.

Lex said...

Tex, I could tell you, though this is rather a place to just mock Charles' extreme lack of any political commentary worth more than mockery from that night. I was just live-blogging the comments as he made them, hoping he'd actually throw out something of substance, but nope, just "Change!!" again and again and finally "Changey, change change!" and so on. At least some other right-wing bloggers were attacking the content.

Tex, I think we'd probably agree on plenty if we ever actually met. I'm pretty laid back in person. And yes, that Hummer is HIDEOUS. And yes, I see it almost every day.

The attitude that causes people where I live to shun people who aren't completely whitebread (either in race OR attitude) and to buy vehicles such as that is one of the things I think needs to change. Add to that the infrastructure that has been built up to handle only increasing numbers of people in huge vehicles like that and worse (and my personal peeve that it seems that the large the SUV the worse the driver), all of them using their vans and SUVs as if they were portable living rooms while no one seems to care about the consequences of this, well that is something I want changed. In this case I think moving is my only option as even Presidents cannot change low IQs or utter lack of cultural activities beyond little league in The Outer Suburbs.

Tex, there's plenty that Obama wants changed that I don't fully support. I doubt if I'll ever find a candidate I really identify with that much, and I'm certainly not of a socialist bent. But the "Hope" that there can exist a politician who makes people actually care and become interested in listening? Now that, I find interesting in of itself. As or "change"? How about how pretty much every commenter over at LGF seems to feel about a dude with a Muslim father running for President? There's some change worth voting for. My family might get taxed to death, but if the country stays on the course it's on we'll have little left to tax it seems.

Mockery blog, Tex. I thought it was funny. Anything longer though and it will cease to be a mere comment...LOL.

Lex said...

Oh Tex, I responded over at Chen's too;)

The Sphinx said...


This is Gordon.

Lex said...

Anon37--actually, that comment was from a "lizard". I just had to throw it in, being the most comprehensive posting of lizard-fear.

shark--yeah, that's kind of why I like to pick on the guy, honestly, his obsession with his own blog traffic. This obsession is shared by pretty much everyone Sphinx and I blog about no matter if they are on Typepad, Wordpress, Blogger, or sites designed by their owners like Chuckles. It's a damned weird obsession. Even if you pick on some of these people they like it because it drives up their traffic/revenues. It also chains them to their blogs and the ideology stated initially by these blogs. Charles, for instance, doesn't seem to have been socially on the conservative side, but he throws out short posts these days to keep his remaining registered users happy, very few of them taking the opposition opinion.

I don't know, I see him as someone who got freaked out by 9/11 and then drank some major kool-aid. Not an unusual happening (ahem...cough...), but he has had some moments where he seems rather unhappy being the King of the Bitter People. It's chicken or egg now really, does he hate Obama so much because of his actual political stands or because he eats breathes and sleeps all of these lizard fodder posts to keep the site going? I just find that frankly a bit hard to believe of someone who still throws out Zappa quotes daily. How on Earth could he still like Zappa, especially with the myriad interesting political stands Zappa took and spoke on, and espouse the views he posts on? Seriously. He posts Zappa quotes, not wav files of the man's music.

OK, take today's. It is enough for a post of its own, so I'll put it there, but here:
frank says:
"The last election just laid the foundation for the next 500 years of Dark Ages. -- From 1981"