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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beware the Paisley Intifada

Pharyngula, the science blogger, gets the whole scarf issue right. He remarks;

But she is wearing a scarf, and as we all know, good Americans wear only traditional American clothes, which do not include scarves.
It's amazing that such a trivial issue gets blown up out of all proportion by the shrieking heads of the right wing blogosphere.

The most alarming fact he comments on however is that the scarf has a paisley design. Now far be it for me to point out the problem there and not being an expert on Palestinian couture, unlike a certain Californian blogger, but I've never seen terrorists draped in paisley.


The Sphinx said...

By that standard, we might as well ditch all our clothes and walk around naked for now on. After all, terrorists _do_ wear clothes, and if all non-terrorists were to switch to complete nudity, we could identify the terrorists better.

(Lizard logic)

Anonymous said...

They also use guns (NRA!), target civilians (IDF!), and espouse a ridiculous belief that they are doing God's work (Bush!).