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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hypocrisy personified

Check out this classic Chuckles moment,

Moulitsas sets the tone for his site, and this is the tone we’ve been hearing for years from Daily Kos—mean-spirited, dishonest, and vicious.
Coming from a man who's commenters are some of the most depraved, death obsessed bigots in the entire blogosphere that's quite some statement.


Anonymous said...

And note that Mandy Manners didn't waste any time returning to the usual tone of the place.

Mr Spock said...

Its called "projection"

To understand the process, consider a person in a couple who has thoughts of infidelity. Instead of dealing with these undesirable thoughts consciously, he or she subconsciously projects these feelings onto the other person, and begins to think that the other has thoughts of infidelity and may be having an affair. In this sense, projection is related to denial, arguably the only defense mechanism that is more primitive than projection. Those who project deny a part of themselves that may otherwise come to the surface. In this case, they cannot face their own feelings of infidelity and therefore project them onto the other person.

Sura 109 said...

(Comment is not a dupe, the earlier copy has the wrong URL)

Check out this pair of little green droppings:

begin quote
#14 buzzsawmonkey 6/17/08 11:10:23 am

And Mecca will remain the undivided capital of the world jihad.

#15 Iron Fist 6/17/08 11:11:05 am

re: #14 buzzsawmonkey,

We really should do something about that. Really we should.
end quote

I thought you weren't allowed to say "Nuke Mecca" on LGF. Maybe Iron Fist is talking about an amphibious invasion? Is he going to enlist to be part of it?

Lex said...

Here's one of my favorite bits of hypocrisy at LGF:

#611 Sharmuta 11/14/07 6:40:09 pm reply quote 2

re: #597 stvip

islam is most certainly an ideology, being that it is more than a religion- it is a political movement as well, thus making it "sociopolitical".

Your statements makes me wonder whether you've ever met and talked with a Muslim.

I most certainly have, as well as apostates. Your statements make me wonder what your motivations are. Who are you to repeatedly come in here and demand clarifications from the blog master as to what level of rhetoric he allows because it goes against your sensibilities? What kind of Israeli are you?

(From "Fjordman's Dramatic Exit(s)", 14 November 2007)

Anonymous said...

Here is another classic Charles, "I know more than you do moment"....

Follow the flow here:

re: #1 Mats

Typical. What did you expect?

That goes to show that you can't trust an islamo fascist.

[Charles responding]
We can't trust you, either. You tried to float an outrageous lie in one of the evolution threads, and I haven't forgotten.


re: #263 Mats

Medicine needs evolutionary nonsense?! Since when?! Goodness.

Is that why 60% of american doctors reject the full bown darwinian myth?

[Charles responding]
Got a link for that ridiculous assertion?

And yes, medicine has benefited enormously from evolutionary science.

Here is another lizard trying to help Charles out:

re: #266 Charles

I think he is talking about this study by the Louis Finkelstein Institute. Question 7 supports his claim.

Here is the link to the poll

I don't know where Charles learned to add, but 18% plus 42% equals 60%Anyhow, Charles has completely unloaded on him and the other lizards just agree with him without bothering to look at the poll themselves.

Lex said...

Oh, Anon, yes, those LGF threads on evolutionary biology are HILARIOUS. I mailed a link to an anthropologist I know who was unfamiliar with LGF and he just responded, "OMG...are these the most pathetically stupid people on the planet?" Then the worst thought occurred when he noted that they also can vote. AHHHH!

Heck though, the thread here in the "but they don't hate Muslims" comments was actually one where I had stepped back in to commend Charles for standing up to a more radical "counter-jihadi" group only to be attacked (to the point of literal ROFLs) by Sharmuta/Highrise/Render for commenting HERE!

I'd love to meet Sharmuta. I should photoshop a contest for likely physical types. Since she rather anonymously refers to me as a coward while I have my real name and face out there and don't use an Arabic slur for "whore" to hide behind.....LOL.

Anonymous said...

Re: anon

I looked up the site, and q7 vs. q1

I looked quickly at it, so I might be wrong, but it says 18% people who doesn't believe in evolution as origin of human, and that's only God created, while 42% believe "God initiated and guided an evolutionary process that has led to current human beings."

So , I don't think that implies we should add up 18% and 42% groups together, they both believe in "God",but since the subject is evolution, they agree with evolutionists.

So let me know how I'm wrong, I didn't follow the comments on LGF and I only read it from you and by looking at the poll

Anonymous said...

regardless of what you think of creationism, homosexuality, etc., notice how recently Charles has been bashing creationists and those who view homosexuality in a negative light. Now it's probably a good chance that many people at LGF believe in creationism and do not like homosexual acts, so my question is why is charles digging his own grave?

Lex said...

I'd call it self-protection on Charles' part. He frequently takes certain stands that he can later quote while still offering his site and its "Lounge" up as an almost purely far-right playground. He does, however, seem to want to keep some balance between his hordes of fans and his critics, at least his broader critics and not those here.

stvip said...

"I'd call it self-protection on Charles' part."

I'd call it the fact that Charles is not a monster, and actually has many good qualities and values. I strongly agree with many of his political views. I disagree with his fixation on Islam specifically, rather than seeing the broader problems of the Middle East quagmire. Islamism is new on the scene, the conflict is old. The Arab-Israeli conflict predates the recent rise of Islamism.
All this is not to say Islamism is not a major current force and threat.
Regardless of his opinions and values, his personality defects ensure that he does more harm than good to those values.

Lex, you are a good example - overcompensating for the vileness of your previous extremist beliefs and affiliations, you're now belittling every message or belief associated with it, even the highly judicious ones. A good example of the damage sites like LGF cause. In one of your recent posts, you even seemed to suggest the whole, spurious, fake Muhammed cartoon brouhaha was somehow justified or reasonable, rather than a sham-turned-exercise-in-intimidation, was a thoroughly shameful and dangerous capitulating response from the West.

By the way, with regards to comments moderation - while I understand the need, considering the kind of detractors you attract, why don't you enable automatic approval for already trusted, logged-in posters?

X said...


The comment moderation mainly exists to stop spam. It gets past the ID requirement, it gets past the CAPTCHA field, but it doesn't get past the human moderator. Once Google comes up with a better system we'll be happy to relax the moderation system.

That's not to say the occasional human comment doesn't get chucked - not every idiot needs to be given space on this blog. But I think you'll recognize it's a rare instance when we block a 'detractor' comment.

ChenZhen said...


I don't suppose you guys have thought about switching to wordpress? I've been running my blog for over a year without moderation, and very few spam comments sneak past the filter. And I think the fact that I might need to delete a couple per month is a very small price for the benefit of having real-time flow of ideas.

Anyway, my guess is that you'd get a lot more convo and regulars in here if the moderation went away. But its your blog...

Anonymous said...

Charles turned LGF to a science blog, he seems trying to educate his minions, but too bad for him, if they get educated they will leave his site, but I doubt they will learn, they hate science, some of the comments call science a cult.

X said...

chenzen - we're not particularly gifted when it comes to technology. No idea how to set up a word press blog. Anyhow, the domain's kind of stuck with us for five years, it would be a big change to move now.

Lex said...

MJ, this really was a great catch. Very nice. I had failed to commend you on it previously;)