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Monday, June 09, 2008


There's a new Obama flap in town and this one is about an anti-Semitic post that appeared on the portion of Obama's campaign site that's open to the public. Charles offers this nugget:

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of posts that refer to the “Jewish lobby” at the Obama site. I stopped looking at the results on page 10.

The Jed Report does a nice take down of this claim in "LGF is crying wolf and it ticks me off" and here are the main findings:

- There were one hundred posts (10 posts per page, 10 pages.) Not "hundreds," not "thousands," but one hundred.

-Only 9 of the 100 posts actually used the phrase "Jewish Lobby"

-5 of these 9 posts could be potentially be considered antisemitic (a, b, c, d, e)

-And 2 of them were actually statements against antisemitsm (f, g)

-Many of the remaining 91 posts were written by Jews in praise of Barack Obama. My favorite favorite one featured a pro-Obama video from Rabbi Samuel Gordon from Wilmette, Illinois.

If you want a little more info about this latest "Obama scandal," check out the work matttbastard has done to find the source of the offensive post.


Anonymous said...

Well I agree with writer, however, unfortunately his criticism of Charles regarding the use of "hundreds, thousands" is inaccurate. Because when I searched for jewish lobby, there over 191 pages (1910 posts), I didn't check beyond, you simply can change the o parameter in the url which represents the post number. While charles referred to that hundreds perhaps thousands of posts referring to the jewish lobby.

However, CJ is dishonest, he should knows better than such numbers represent no antisemitism, just mentioning the jewish lobby does not mean antisemitism . and also when you use search engine, many times it return pages with just the word jewish, or just the word lobby. so of course you can get many results. If CJ is not dishonest about that, he failed in internet using 101.

Steve J. said...


Thanx for checking this post!


arik's hamster said...

Haven't seen much about this outside a few blogs.

Zero hits on google news.

If Charles is trying to damage the Obama campaign he has failed badly.

The Sphinx said...

Not only is he too stupid to post accurate information, but when something objectionable is removed, he sneeringly refers to it as getting "Orwelled out of existence" and "vanishing down the memory hole".

By that standard, Charles Johnson is responsible for every one of the genocidal comments that were posted on his site so far, and is acting like 'Big Brother' when removing them.

Interesting how every single one of Chuckles' "Top Posts" has something to do with Obama's website. And to think he refers to us as "stalkers"..

ChenZhen said...

It seems that Charles and the gang have found their new kick, and have made a 24/7 operation out of sifting through, dissecting and highlighting the myriad of unmoderated and anonymous posts at the Obama community website. He's kind of all over the board here, however. First, the argument is that the fact that crazy stuff is there constitutes endorsement (even though there's a disclaimer for every post). Then, when especially controversial and/or offensive posts get scrubbed, it's presumably a coverup. Then, once he finally gets it through his thick skull that anyone with a pair of firing synapses and an internet connection can post anything they want to at Obama's community blog, he questions the wisdom having an unmoderated open forum on a presidential candidate's website to begin with (a position that, admittedly, I'm sympathetic to). Then, he seems to have fun mocking those who accuse him or his lizards of planting said offensive material.

Anyway, I'm sure there's a mission in there somewhere to prove....something. Maybe he just gets a kick out of pushing Obama people's buttons. I dunno. But you'd think that someone who runs his own unhinged romper room and is as internet savvy as he would realize that lampooning the collective rantings of an unmoderated internet blog forum doesn't really amount to much, and is kind of a waste of time when it comes right down to it.

You'd think....

Skullhunter said...

Well he's finally done it. Ol' Chuckles has gone and murdered irony, just to watch it die.

So, who here is surprised at yet another right wing exercise in projection?