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Monday, June 16, 2008

Comment of the Week

I just had to post that. This is from the latest LGF freak-out:
A Question for Fox News - Update: Beckel Calls Right Wing Bloggers 'Crackers'

Charles is quite possibly needing defib at this point:

And away they go! Comments might need a new thread eventually on this one...


Anonymous said...

Chuckles just mumbled something about "instalanche coming".

Apparently Instapundit linked there for the first time since PJ Media fired Chuckles in December.

Anonymous said...

More shits-n-giggles - Chuckles announces that he's going to boycott the AP, the source of... oh, 90% of his content.

Anonymous said...

The Other Les 6/18/08 8:37:43 pm

Barbarella was the only Jane Fonda movie I ever paid money to see in a theater (Uptown, Minneapolis). It predated the trip to Hanoi so I thought it would be okay, ethically speaking. It was double-billed with The Man Who Fell To Earth so the I didn't completely waste my money.

Jane Fonda in Hanaoi - 1972
'The Man who fell to Earth' - 1976

'nuff said.