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Thursday, June 12, 2008

CJ cherries

Recently a poll was posted on the MSNBC website asking: "Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?". The vast majority of the participants said "Yes".

Soon enough, Chuckles produced an ingenious statement:

"Never mind that there is absolutely no legal basis for even asking the question"

Right, because it's called freedom of thought and stating one's honest opinion. And apparently in LGF-land, it's not legal.


Anonymous said...

I'm the last one to defend Chuckles, but I assume by "legal basis" he means that people or media are useless in the debate of impeachment since it is Congress which has the legal right to do so, but I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Poor CJ. there is legal basis, congress has the authority to impeach. sorry CJ. Congress men and women are the representative of the people, they were more recently re-elected than the president, CJ remember it is a democracy, not a theocracy.

Red Tulips said...

Huh? Charles did not state it is illegal to desire impeachment. Rather, he said impeachment of Bush was not a legal goal, as Bush did not commit high crimes and misdemeanors.

Next time, better to read what Charles actually writes.

Lex said...

Ugh, as if he knows what the any of the legal arguments would be. He's getting these ideas straight from more verbose pundits. I'm sure this has been mentioned by everyone from NRO to La Malkin and then skimmed by Johnson.

Wait, isn't that the entire basis of LGF?

Above Crumbling Vistas Far Away said...

Rather, he said impeachment of Bush was not a legal goal, as Bush did not commit high crimes and misdemeanors.

So he's just transparently lying then?

Anonymous said...

"Huh? Charles did not state it is illegal to desire impeachment. Rather, he said impeachment of Bush was not a legal goal,"

He said "Never mind that there is absolutely no legal basis for even asking the question"

So now if we want to ask a question, we have to find a legal basis to ask? Perhaps he doesn't mean to say illegal, but obviously his statement is ridiculous. The media does not need a legal basis to ask a legitimate question, there were and are several attempts in congress to impeach Bush, and the media is asking the question about that. if there were no impeachment calls and congress attempts, there would be no such question.

But for CJ, the evil MSM should not report the news that make Bush looks bad , should report every news about Muslims, Arabs, democrats , anti-war activists as very very bad, or else the evil MSM and evil loony leftist Youtube, Digg are cooperating with terrorists.

CJ effectively calling for censorship, he practices censorship on his own site, and the censorship I mean here, is political censorship. I think he can be inline with China, he might as well get a Chinese citizenship, he can be a big success not.

ibrahimX said...

Yikes, Charles Johnson is a truly pathetic man. He is only interested in allowing users who endorse his viewpoints to post in his forum--anyone with the opposite of view--as tends to happen with many controversial points of view--is automatically hounded out--by him.

I managed to finally become a member today of his website, and soon I was banned--for having differing opinions.

In all fairness I should point out that the commenters on LGF weren't all that bad, I mean, other than the whole hate thing. At least compared to any forum where 99% of the posters agree and anyone who disagrees is turned on, their behavior was unexceptional. But Charles has set up his website so that he can dismiss/ban posters who disagree with him while displaying the same mannerisms/attitudes as he does. I am guessing he probably does allow *disagreement* on his forum, but only if those disagreeing refrain from being as caustic as Charles and his minions typically are. Charles knows that his methods--tacky smears/guilt by association/name calling--can be used against any viewpoint, and lest he be forced to disregard these means and elevate his own discourse, he's made sure that, on his forum, his is the only viewpoint that can be buttressed by these tactics. He knows the shaky foundation he stands on.

Here's the email I wrote him:

"Charles, I find it funny that you've taken away my account, because it REALLY does seem that you don't like opposing viewpoints. I did not seek to air any controversial statements, but I was forced to defend statements I made on another forum. The irony here, Charles, is that like many a liberal you are afraid of debate and argument. I am now satisfied that you're all interested in administering is an echo chamber.

It's also ironic how you have the temerity to call me "vile" given your loathsome and primitive reaction to me--that is, your accusation that I must somehow be connected with an Islamic School that is located in the sprawl that is Fairfax. Oh no, wouldn't want anyone calling you out on your own vile tendencies would you? Hence keeping the gates closed.

Anyway, if you have a modicum of principle you will reinstate my account."

Not holding my breath though.

(one funny thing about that registration thread--Charles asked his fellow posters if anyone had a problem with my getting banned--and one poster stood up for me. Charles though immediately revealed that his was a forgone conclusion and immediately slapped down that poster. Lolz.)

Anonymous said...

I know you LGFwatchers have lives, but please, please, someone write about this.

The beauty of CJ saying that Obama's site has been pwned, and not noticing that what he's linking to is a parody site, not Obama's real site, is too much for me. This has to be an instant classic in the history of Chuckie making an ass of himself.

Anonymous said...

More astute lizards noted the site was a parody as early as the 20th comment, but the best amusement comes from those who were pathetically wondering how to come to grips with a world in which the Big Lizard appears to have made an error. The cognitive dissonance appears to be too much for some:

#33 GISAP 6/12/08 2:00:35 pm reply quote 0

I don't get it. I'm not usually this dense but the first thing I saw was: "This Site Is Just a Parody and for those who take it seriously you shouldn't be voting in the first place." Is this part of the hack?

#37 MightySkip 6/12/08 2:02:03 pm reply quote 0

It does say that the site is a parody, but it looked more serious and genuine this morning. Is this a 'rope-a-dope'?

And finally Chuckles emerges to admit it's a parody site...yet somehow still manages to claim it's evidence of --what? His stupidity? No, somehow his fuckup is evidence of the Obama campaign's internet cluelessness, as opposed to his own:

#44 Charles 6/12/08 2:04:03 pm reply quote 2

re: #29 Diamond Bullet

As funny as it is, I think that's a separate parody site.




Right - I just updated.

However, the point about Amateur Hour still stands. They forgot to register the .ORG domain at the same time. Incredibly lame.

These are the people who are supposed to be internet savvy, remember.

So says the man who somehow missed the words "THIS IS A PARODY" on the site in his eagerness to link it. i'd certainly respect his opinion on internet savviness. Who wouldn't?

Tune in next week when Chuckles discerns further proof of the Obama campaign's cluelessness, when he tries to take his pants off over his head.
And if you won't believe him, TEH TERRORISTS WILL WIN!!!eleven!

Anonymous said...

Re: Ibrahim

Can you please post what have you posted that caused him to ban you. I'm just curious, but I'm sure you don't even care if he bans or not, it is a worthless site.

Re: anon @ 6/13/2008 07:35:00 AM

Imagine if Dkos did such post, he would be posting 10 posts about it, it is a no surprise that he makes ass of himself, most of the time he does. Looks up for his posts about Google , Digg and Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Another cherry:

CJ: "
Daily Kos Posts Obama 'Birth Certificate'
I need details on how he got this image before I’ll completely believe it. The state of Hawaii only releases birth certificates to relatives. Is the Obama campaign now leaking things to Daily Kos, or did Moulitsas misrepresent himself to the state of Hawaii to get it?
UPDATE at 6/12/08 10:12:09 am:

This is NOT a birth certificate, it’s a “certification of live birth” — a slightly different thing.

And yes, the campaign did give it to Moulitsas for posting; he says so in the comments.

UPDATE at 6/12/08 10:54:41 am:

The interesting aspect of this story to me is that the Obama campaign apparently has close ties to a web site that hosts content like this: Daily Kos: Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel.

" [emphasize added]


Sura 109 said...

@ibrahimx: Comment #156 in that thread is a classic:

"re: #145 IbrahimX

Just is a "troll" defined in this forum? Anyone who disagrees with CJ and his echoes?


Nice of Chucky to finally come clean about that.

Sura 109 said...

Oh, and How about this one, comment #3, which Chucky has not deleted:

"#3 jemima 6/12/08 2:20:45 pm

That's what the Founding Fathers had in mind. A Kenyan as President."

Nope. No racists at the Little Green Freakshow. No sirree.

Mo said...

There is actually a place called LGF Watch? LOL! What exactly are you watching for?

I'd go through the trouble of reading it all and trying to go through point by point, asking where are the actual facts - but none of that will mean anything will it?

What a joke. Gotta love the internet. There's a place for everyone.

Anonymous said...

And in a matter of 8 minutes he noticed the mistake and posted a correction.

Now, would you also recommend LGF Watch follow up on all the anti-semitic, pro-communist and 9/11 troofer posts on the official Obama website that have been highlighted by LGF? If you ask me, he did a favor for Obama in identifying them since they had been there for months.

Charles Johnson, looking out for the idiotarians so they don't have to.

Tex Taylor said...

Recently a poll was posted on the MSNBC website asking: "Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?". The vast majority of the participants said "Yes".

That poll is about as useful as polling "The Watch" do you think Charles Johnson unfair in his critique of Muslims? Of course, anybody watching that dreg of a station is going to answer yes. Only the real loons think Keith Olbermann great.

Why anyone thinks it is useful to banter on about impeaching Bush is beyond me. The question isn't could they, or are there legal grounds {ad nauseum}. The question should be "should they be wasting their time on a man gone in six months?" And the answer is hell no.

If our feckless Congress wanted to do something useful, in this case the entire world, they might send their hounds to find out who is manipulating the price of oil and how are they doing it? Because any rational individual knows the real culprit in the run up is corrupt speculators across the globe doing so.

Sura 109 said...

More idiocy from Chucky:

No, LGF isn't anti-Muslim, it's anti-jihadist. Trust me.

stvip said...

Another captivating and extremely close race between LGF and LGFWatch - which is more pathetic?
CJ might not have worded it very well, but the meaning is obvious enough (hint: no, he's not advocating criminalization of discussing impeachment).

Where were you when, a while ago, Chuckleberry stumbled upon some Neurolinguistics academic research which used text from various blogs for analysis, including from LGF, and immediately assumed some dark horrible conspiracy was taking place? That thread was priceless - so much idiocy, paranoia and mean-spiritedness in the flurry of demented posts that followed.

That, along with, say, the EU-fining-Microsoft Outrage Thread (due to being generally apolitical, at least in the sense of being unrelated to the usual LGF topics) are great examples to show people why they should be leery of LGF regardless of political views.

Also, Zombie lost my respect in that one. I still find her site valuable, though, especially the well-written Ambulance Hoax expose. But sheesh, what a mean loon.

BillyD said...

You really should work on your reading comprehension. He obviously meant that there's no legal basis for impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Billy D:

That's not what he wrote though was it? legal basis for even asking the question

That's pretty clear. He's saying there's no legal basis for 'asking'. Not for impeachment itself.

So you have to ask, if you're right then the one of the leading bloggers in the US is dyslexic or that he actually believes that people can't even ask the question.

BillyD said...

For crying out loud, next you'll be spellchecking him.

Anonymous said...

BillyD: he's dyslexic then. Is that your considered response?

It's pretty simple if the question should've been framed as you interpreted, why hasn't Charles fixed it? It's a pretty major mistake. He either thinks there's no legal basis to ask the impeachment question or not.

Until Charles clarifies it himself I'll reserve judgement. As for taking the word of apologists and mind readers like yourself, I would think that the height of lunacy. But hey, I guess that's why you're an LGF'er.

Lex said...

Mo, yes, and we have quite a bit of fun. Once you read the comment threads, you realize what a cultural treasure trove LGF really is. And that's just from the standpoint of mockery.

stvip!! You're the guy I got insulted as "sounding like" by Sharmuta and Highrise during my last days (note again, Chuckles did NOT ban me, I did it myself). Wow, what a radical lefty you are, stvip, no wonder Sharmuta/Whore is so down on you...LOL.

sura 109--that comment is amazing....and amazing that people still insist that the "lizards" aren't a bunch of racists. Keep a look-out for when someone finally breaks and calls Obama "uppity", if you don't mind. Heeheehee. Thanks for posting that, I'll screen cap it if it's still up.

Lex said...

sura--did you notice comment #5?:

#5 Behead Me Bob 6/12/08 2:21:00 pm reply quote 0

Any Democrat Will Do - The Motto of Terrorists Worldwide

OK, not racist as the one you pointed out was, but evidence of the intensified and pathetic group-think over there. Oh, and yes, screen captured now;) Thanks for the tip.