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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday = Funday

Obama as You've Never Known Him!

Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:

· That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.

· That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.

etc. etc. from one of the best columnists in Washington.

P.S.: Of course, LGF readers already know all of this and more about the evil leftist islamofascist dhimmicrat trying to turn America over to Osama bin Laden!


Lex said...

Have you checked tonight? The lizards are in disarray and their leader is reduced to comments such as "snort" and "guh". I decided to live-blog it. That was just too darned funny.

In addition to your list though, BHO tonight brought his Grandmother, or as the lizard put it, "his WHITE Grandmother", out from under the bus. Actually, you must admit, RELIAPUNDIT and Atlas Shrugs perhaps are leading the pack in the Obama campaign destruction, along with the incomparably racist Malkin. Some of us are taking bets as to when someone will finally just get it over with and call Obama "uppity" though, and for that I'm counting on the lizards.

Tex Taylor said...


I have a personal question for you. Perhaps this isn't the place but it seems to be the only place we 'meet up.'

I have witnessed that you call yourself a Christian. You apparently are an avid Obama supporter.

Can you reconcile this for me as both a Christian and Obama supporter?

This loving man, the man of change of hope, of racial healing and finding Jesus, voted on numerous occasions to continue allowing the practice of intact dilation and extraction; or more commonly referred to as partial-birth abortion.

Now being in the medical field while becoming a doctor, I have learned that there is absolutely no medical reason that this procedure would ever be necessary. At this point of gestation, a C-section would just as effectively stop the pregnancy if the woman's life in danger. In fact, since only the baby's head is left unexposed, a firm tug would end the pregnancy.

Would you reconcile for me your avid support of Obama knowing that Obama has really voted for, and let's call it what it really is, infanticide?

Or can you in your heart of hearts simply cast that off as just another issue? I really am curious because you seem reasonably bright and I would think that would trouble you?