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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blessed are the peacemakers

But not if you're a lizard. Here they are, weighing in on the four Christian peace activists who were kidnapped in Iraq over the weekend.

just another group like ISM that you'd just as see [sic] strung up on a lamp post...the nexus of the Moonbat universe...Too stupid to live. Off with their heads...Stupid fucks...I really don't give a damn what happens to these addled, self-hating, fifth columnists...hopeless idiotarians...For once, I'm on the side of the "insurgency"...Fuck the misguided fuckin fuckups...some of the stupidest people in the world...Stupid worthless bastards...These fuckheads will be just like Fisk, and praise their captors as saints ... if their heads stay on long enough...Worthless traitor...There best not be one American soldier who suffers so much as a scuffed shoe rescuing these a-holes...filthy anti-Semites...these bastards who got kidnapped are helping the terrorists demonize America...Off with their heads...I hope, for the sake of world peace and that the world wakes up, they get their heads lopped off...Now, what would the death toll of CPT volunteers in Iraq be if all of them were to have their throats cut by Allah's own death squad? It would be an acceptable one...No rescue attempts, please...'useful idiots' in this war against evil...too stupid to survive... I cannot raise one shred of compassion for these people...When I think of their families, I think: YOU RAISED THESE FOOLS...useful idiots...In another lifetime we called these people 'traitors'...Not an ounce of sympathy for these idiots. Sorry. They're with the terrorists. Literally...They are the enemy, and enable terrorism...well-meaning morons...Sic Semper Moonbatus...Just another bunch of moonbats, who are taking money from churches to do their own version of evil...I smell collaborators...F**k them! They get what they deserve! F**kin lefty, commie, self hating freaks!...nothing but little Rachel Corrie with sweeter dispositions...They're an enemy of the state and should be treated as such... The insurgents will end up letting these people go. Afterall they're on the same side...They are at least fellow travelers with the head-choppers, and worse, possibly in serious cahoots with them...Makes you wonder whose side these morons would be on in WWII. Would they be in Germany protesting Allied occupation, rebuilding, and the Nurnberg trials? Quite likely...Why should we care?...Has anyone noticed the degree that the left has infiltrated religion? We all know that they hate religion and religious people. They must figure that they can't destroy the role of religion in civil society from without, so they are now within...Off with their heads!...CPTeams will either be having a dull knife moment or it's a setup trick so they can be released and come back praiseing the terrorists as freedom fighters.. personally I hope it's the former.. being a Christian myself doesn't stop me from demanding truth have more rights then peacenick lies.

Now, is this "cherry-picking?" If so, then that's one hell of a lot of cherries.

On a somewhat more humorous note, someone also quoted Michelle Malkin, who in a recent article apparently referred to

"peaceful right-wingers"


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Johnny Mainstream said...

This again proves my theory that the Bush administration has just two groups of supports left: millionaires, and what's known as "the Asshole Vote."

Seriously, what a pathetic, depraved bunch of hate-filled ghouls.