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Saturday, November 25, 2006

What planet do LGF'ers live on?

I'm not sure it's planet earth.

Look at the thread of comments following the Paris Saint German vs. Hapoel Tel Aviv match (in which a far-right mob of soccer hooligans went on the rampage). Nuclear Cop in the comments points to these particularly moronic statements.

#12 crash_test_dhimmi 11/24/2006 08:54AM PST

the Jews are the canary in the mine in eurabia. how many of the mob were of "north african" decent? was this a friday night attack? after mosque let out?

Given the pro-Le Pen chants, none. I also like how crash_test_dhimmi doesn't know what day it is. Says it all.

#38 jimmyk 11/24/2006 09:07AM PST

Hmm, any chance the rioters might have been, um, you know, people of a religion and ethnicity that may not be named in newspaper reports?

(For what it's worth, I believe Marseille has a lot of "immigrants" of the above unmentionable ethnicity and religion.)

If this guy read said newspaper reports, you'd know there was no chance.

P.S., Paris Saint Germain play their games 500 miles away from Marseille. A long way to travel for even the most dedicated Jaw-bashed Mohammedan. It would be a touching nationalist gesture for Marseille fans to travel all the way to Paris in order to assault opposing fans of their rival team, PSG, during a European fixture.
I'm sure it's comforting for the white, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim neo-nazi football hooligans of Europe that no matter what they do, certain bigots will always blame the Muslims. Even when a group of dedicated neo-Nazi thugs chant 'French for the French', 'Dirty Nigger' and 'Dirty Jew' it seems the LGF'ers are convinced they're Muslims. Here's a video from the group allegedly behind the attack on the Hapoel supporter (apologies for the language, neo-Nazi morons and horrible Euro hardcore)..


If you spot any Olympique Marseille supporting Muslims please drop us a line.


Anonymous said...


I looked through the first four dozen or so comments on this post.

The sort of quick jump to a conclusion that you lambaste appears in a mere two of those forty-odd comments. Both comments, of course, are the ones you repeat here.

And guess what? You're not the first to correct them, either. Other LGF commenters reply to them with exactly the same points you make. In fact, the second of the two commenters whom you call out for criticism later corrected himself when he realized the game was played in Paris-St. Germain.

So that leaves one, maybe one-and-a-half LGF'ers who immediately wondered whether French Muslims were behind this antisemitic incident. Charles Johnson didn't. Neither did the majority of his commenters.

Quit with the untempered hatred of Charles Johnson. It's made you stupid with rage.

Richard said...

Considering that news reports are saying that the PSG fans really love to take out after Black & Arab players & fans as their personal betes noir, how likely is it there was a single Muslim in that crowd?

I find it instructive that a French Caribbean Black police officer saved the French Jew's life. To me, this indicates that the race-religious war meme so much in favor at the wingnut sites are just plain wrong.

It is politics that divides us much more than race or religion.

Anonymous said...

As I used to go and see PSG when I was in Paris this year, what no-one seems to have commented on is the fact that PSG have two rival sets of home supporters. The right wingers, Nazi sympathizers and Le Pen types hang about in the Boulogne end, the communists & left wingers in the other end. They more regularly fight each other than opposing supporters (Marseille excluded). The latter group has also attracted a number of very noisy immigrants and 2nd/3rd generation French, including a lot of ‘dark skinned types’, which pisses off the right wingers.

I don’t need to tell you this, but all the trouble at last weeks game happened in the Right wing end, where, ironically, Charles and his mates would feel really at home.