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Friday, November 02, 2007

How do you like them sprouts?

Charles Johnson (Ace Reporter) finds anti-Semites, racists and nutjobs at the Brussels Journal.

It may be a blog which he has been quite happy to link to and promote in the past but Charles has uncovered their dark secret. He's seemingly on a one man mission to expose neo-Nazi, fascists and racists in the 'anti-Jihad' movement.

With the case against Brussels Journal finished, rumours are abound that next week he's hoping to find out whether the Pope is Catholic or not.


Anonymous said...

IMO Charles has gone way overboard on this whole "white supremicist" issue. It's so hypocritical of him to point out others' flaws when he himself has a plank the size of Texas in his own eye.

Of course, his supersize ego will not allow him to back off so you see what you are seeing.

Really very pathetic, Charles. Clean your own house first before you start criticizing others.

Anonymous said...

i agree the hypcracy is rank, but i maintain that on this he is correct. We in europe have to live with these nazis and it doesnt help when they are on the same side as the mainstream of the republican party.

I know some people will say lgf isnt mainstream but it really is in terms of the wingnutossphere.


What's interesting is to see the wingnuts starting to attack each other and tear each other down. They created their little internet world of hate and now are reaping the rewards.

I see it all as fallout from Gen. Sanchez's admission two weeks ago that the Iraq war is "a nightmare without end". After years of trying to pretend the good news of Iraq was being suppressed by the "liberal media", their face has been shoved into reality by an unimpeachable source. Since then the catfight has begun among what hopefully will go back to being considered the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that Charles disliked the idea of people getting together to protest. Last summer he made his opinion on that pretty clear.

He would much rather people stay right behind their keyboards and do their hating that way. Preferably on LGF. I think his ultimate dream is to beat Kos in the online blog awards.

Then he found a super convenient scape-goat in this supposed racial aspect.

The hypocrisy comes from the most basis premise of Charles' online success. He says he deplores Jew hatred. Fair enough, I do too.

HOWEVER, he promotes Muslim hatred, and not only hatred/fear of Islamic terrorism. Just try posting anything at LGF in defense of Islam or Muslims in general and see what happens.

You can't decry hatred of whole groups of people on one hand and promote it against another group on the other hand, without being a complete hypocrit. Yet, this is exactly what Charles is doing.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of furthering logical discourse...

>> You can't decry hatred of whole groups of people... and promote it against another group ... without being a complete hypocrite.

Huh? Of course I can. Check this out:

"I hate pedophiles but I love my family."
"I hate Muslims, but I love Christians."
"I hate the Yankees, but I love the Sox".

How are any of these statements hypocritical?

The Sphinx said...

Chuckie claims to hate people who promote hate, but he's promoting hate himself. If that's not hypocritical, them I'm an orange tree.

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia:

In psychology, hypocritical behavior is closely related to the fundamental attribution error: individuals are more likely to explain their own actions by their environment, yet they attribute the actions of others to 'innate characteristics', thus leading towards judging others while justifying ones' own actions.

Also, some people genuinely fail to recognize that they have character faults which they condemn in others. This is called Psychological projection. This is Self-deception rather than deliberate deception of other people. In other words, "Psychological hypocrisy" is usually interpreted by psychological theorists to be an unconscious defense mechanism rather than a conscious act of deception, as in the more classic connotation of hypocrisy. People understand vices which they are struggling to overcome or have overcome in the past. Efforts to get other people to overcome such vices may be sincere. There may be an element of hypocrisy as well if the actors do not readily admit to themselves how far they are or have been subject to these vices.

Posted for the special benefit of Mr. Charles Johnson, since he probably won't seek out the treatment he so desparately needs.

Anonymous said...

From Charles' first thread for Sunday, November 3rd:

" much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds up a mirror for you?"


Henrik R Clausen said...

"He's seemingly on a one man mission to expose neo-Nazi, fascists and racists in the 'anti-Jihad' movement."

Yup. I hope he'll either remain alone (he deserves that) or start focusing on actual neo-Nazi groups (Germany, Czech Republic have some), actual anti-Semitism (the British boycott of Israel is a disgrace, left-wing parties in DK are unfortunately joining ranks) and actual racists (Italy, Romania seem to have some).

That would leave ordinary European conservatives some breathing room, as well as protect his own credibility (eh?) from emotional mistakes.