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Friday, May 12, 2006

The plot thickens

A reader writes [hyperlinks added]:

It is no surprise that Brussels Journal is silent for the moment, on the Antwerp shooting, since its editor Paul Belien probably knows the killer's family, and may even have met him. The killer is the son of a former activist in Vlaams Blok, Flemish Block - the predecessor of the present Flemish Interest.

The killer's aunt, Frieda van Themsche, is a member of the Belgian Parliament for Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang).

One of her colleagues there is Alexandra Colen

who writes for Brussels Journal. That is not surprising, since she is married to Paul Belien.

Colen is is one of the chief ideologists of Flemish Interest. Another Brussels Journal contributor is also an ideologist of Flemish separatism, that is Matthias Storme,

who supports the New-Flemish Alliance

but sympathises to some extent with Flemish Interest.

I could go on, but try Wikipedia for the ideological background of these parties - ultra-conservative Catholic, Flemish separatist, xenophobic. The Flemish right has always had a strong Nazi component, since the 1930's, and there is still an overlap with neo-nazi and similar groups.

In other words, Brussels Journal is a sump of right-wing ideology, and serves to some extent as the international website of Flemish Interest.

Few people in Belgium will be entirely surprised, if one of these peoples' children goes on a racist shooting spree.

We've mentioned the Colen connection before. And her husband, too.

These are the people upon whom Charles Johnson -- winner of the Jewish and Israeli Blog Award for "Blog of the Year" -- and Pajamas Media rely to provide a fair 'n' balanced picture of what's happening in "Old Europe."

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