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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wingnut Welfare

It might seem like nit-picking to point out this typo at Pajamas Media, anyone can make a typo in a blog post (we've made a few here), but there's a difference. Most bloggers post as a labor of love (or rage) and have busy lives, jobs, other stuff to do. But imagine you were being paid to run your blog. Suppose someone gave you $3,500,000 to put together a spiffy blog with excellent graphics, editing and -- uh -- proofreading?

Really, this is just another indication the not-even-trying Pajamas Media is nothing more than a conduit for Wingnut Welfare. It's a sham. No real VCs would put up with the lazy, crappy mediocrity of Charles Johnson and Roger Simon's limp effort.

The real question: which tentacle of the Right Wing Media Machine funded Pajamas? And is it tax-payer money?

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kodos423 said...

Dude! Don't you know that if you point out a typo on an over-hyped right-wing website, then the terrorists have won?