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Friday, January 13, 2006

Michael Totten's got the guts, why not Charles Johnson?

Michael Totten of the Middle East Journal blog is going to northern Iraq, to see for himself what it's like over there. Good on him, we say.

Now how about that other Iraq enthusiast, Charles Johnson of, moves his backside to Baghdad as well: we're sure it would do him a world of good to be able to see firsthand how the reconstruction of Iraq is going. Not to mention the street cred he'd get if he were to cycle once through Sadr City with an LGF t-shirt on....

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Winston Smith said...

Totten's idea is a good one, but not exactly a new one -- reader-funded independent journalist and blogger Chris Allbritton was in Iraqi Kurdistan when the war started nearly three years ago. And has returned to Iraq several times since. In fact he's due to return to Baghdad any day now.

But because he's not a wingnut, his reporting has been all but invisible in "The Blogosphere." Pity.

CadetCMDR said...

You know, I highly doubt that Charles would be targeted in Iraq by his LGF T-Shirt. More likely, it would be because of his apparent nationality, which would be western, as in European or American. Nice try at a tie-in to bashing LGF, but I see your thinking isn't clear enough to make it relevant at all.

Richard said...

Hey, on his way to Baghdad do you think he'd be interested in visiting Gaza under siege? Perhaps he'd like to spend a fortnight there in the human prison that's been created by the IDF?

Then maybe he'd like to visit an Israeli Arab village to see how the "other half" lives?

Nah, I didn't think so.

BTW, Totten's not too far fr. being a wingnut himself. He wrote a post about how ANGRY he was that Lebanese were asking him whether he was a CIA agent. An independent "journalist" with no real press credential & no visible means of support. He's SHOCKED, I say SHOCKED that they'd think such low thoughts of him.