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Monday, January 30, 2006

The fake crusade

Justin Raimondo hits on why the anti-Google postings coming out of La-La Land citizen 'journalists' isn't just about Chinese human rights and their concern for the freedom of information in the People's Republic. It's because Google won't play ball with their type of propaganda. Well, boo-hoo.

"The campaign against Google is nothing new. As the bad news on the Iraq war front began to dominate the headlines, neocon bloggers Glenn Reynolds, Little Green Footballs, and their amen corner started screaming that Google is 'biased.' How dare they carry, brayed Charles Johnson, the net's premier Arab-hater, and not his cut-and-paste editorials – consisting mostly of quotes from other sources interspersed with brief bouts of sneering and cat-calling. Google, the neocon bloggers declared, deliberately ignores their no-talent ill-written diatribes, and instead promotes antiwar, 'anti-American,' and even 'anti-Semitic' propaganda (all three being pretty much equivalent in their minds)."
Via James Wolcott


moonbat monitor said...

nice to see that wolcott can read people's minds.


jf said...


the quote was by Raimondo. I guess being a wingnut damages your reading skills.