Little Green Footballs

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Any Questions?


Winston Smith said...

It seems the lovely Pamela has added not one, but two PJM display ads to her blog.

Quelle coincidence!

Time to brush up on your screen-shooting skills, boys and girls. For how many advertisers will be pleased to see their product juxtaposed against a typical Pameloid rand (I mean, rant)?

Richard said...

Did you notice that if you follow the link Pamela provides to the cartoon she displays is not the one displaying there? I wonder what gives? Did the cartoonist think better of featuring such a weird cartoon at his site?

Also, what the hell is the cartoon supposed to mean? That the U.S. should bomb Jerusalem to get rid of its Palestinian population? If so, I think it's a cool idea. In fact, why not use the Curtis LeMay method--provoke a World War against Islam, while at the same time pre-empting those pesky A-rabs by bombing 'em into oblivion starting w. Al Aksa, Dome of the Rock & then the entire rest of the Arab population of the city and region?

Anyone have Rummy's e mail address? I think he might go for it.