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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Depravity of Charles Johnson

There are few more loathsome than those who promote hatred and ignorance for profit. Charles Johnson is one such with his Little Green Footballs websewer, brand-leader of Pajamas Media. Over the past few years, Johnson has collected a rabble of syncophantic followers who proudly and collectively refer to themselves as "Lizardoid Minions". They even have their own clothing line. Hiding behind a disclaimer on LGF, Johnson stokes his followers with an endless diet of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim cut-n-pastings sprinkled with sneering asides, the limit of his "creative" abilities. When not inculcating racism and bigotry, Johnson likes to parrot GOP talking points and heap praise on Bush.

In a faux-neutral post about the kidnapping of journalist (and presumed "leftist") Jill Carroll, Johnson knows exactly what to expect. The "minions" deliver. Example:

ted 1/30/2006 04:32PM PST

Whats her problem ? She went to Iraq on a "peace" mission to "help" victims abused by the american the holy warriors dress her up as a muslima and want to martyr her...

What more could she ask for?

Jeez, Rachel Corrie would spit[spat] blood to be in her position...What an ingrate.

A few weeks ago, the "minions" celebrated the deaths of hundreds of Haaj pilgrims.

pat 1/12/2006 08:37AM PST
look forward to this every year.

rednaxela 1/12/2006 08:37AM PST
IIRC, dying in Mecca is the best thing that can happen to a RoPer.

Nekama 1/12/2006 08:38AM PST
Darwin is a Muslim?

bonz 1/12/2006 08:40AM PST
Latest novelty item: a burkha with footprints on it. Across the front it reads "I made the Hajj and all I got was this lousy burkha"

Johnson is a jihadist recruiter's best friend. His website is a disgrace and an affront and presents the Bush vision of the US to the world. It is time to question those who choose to advertise on "Pajamas Media", do you really want to be associated with this?


elemental said...

They aren't embarrased to advertise on Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Mike Savage, etc. ad naseum either.

gcauthon said...

Apparently, they set up a redirect so that if you follow the link from LGF Watch then you are redirected to this page. But if you copy/paste the link, thereby eliminating the referrer header, then you actually get the LGF article.

Richard said...

I'm using Wordpress as my blog platform & it has a plugin called Referrer Bouncer which is basically what LGF is using (even if he's using a diff. blogging platform--geez, I hope he's not using WP!). With the WP plugin, when you come fr. the specified site you're bounced back to the site you started from & never reach yr destination. So as the previous commenter said, just cut & paste the link into your browser window & that should do the trick.

Regarding PJM advertisers who should blanch at what they're associated with--let's talk about another rag associated w. LGF: the Jerusalem Post. As co-sponsor of the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards, the Post claims it has nothing to do w. the content of the nominated blogs (LGF was a winner in a category last yr & will prob. win again this yr). But if many of the nominated blogs feature anti-Arab hate, how can they make the straight-faced claim they're not endorsing it? And even if we grant them that point (that they aren't endorsing content), merely having links to these blogs at the Post site promotes the blogs by giving them great visibility. So I think we can safely say that the Post is promoting hate speech.

I've written a post to that effect & asked the Post's editor to comment. We'll see what he says if anything.

Winston Smith said...

By way of explanation, I should mention that LGF Watch is a group blog, and some of our newer contributors might not be aware of Charles' juvenile antics. The IDF redirect is not a new thing.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

I think Chuckster was poorly advised when he chose to redirect all critical sites to the Israeli Occupation Force website.
The only outcome of throwing his toys out of his pram was that people started providing naked untagged 'links' that needed to be cut and pasted into their browser. It didnt stop people critising LGF. In fact, it only made chuckie look more ridiculous. (Ho! ho! Dishes it out wholesale but doesnt take refunds...!)

Google doesnt recognise the raw text as links from other pages so doesnt value LGF as valuable a page as it normally would if somebody linked to it 'properly'. The google search pagerank drops and other sources are offered higher than (or instead of) LFG if people are searching for 'Rachel Corrie' or 'Michael Moore' (for instance...)

The other outcome is that with naked cut-and-paste text links, Chuckie doesnt know whos talking about LGF, because the referrer information wont show up in his server logs. I suppose that it may massage his ego and let him sleep soundly at night though. Blogs are social networks and if you dont know what people are saying what have you got?!

Personally, I think its a double own-goal and rather childish. But im just an LFG watcher what do I know.