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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Whiskey soaked former Trotskyist popinjay vs. President Chimp

It seems Charles is quite upset about ACLU and CAIR preparing lawsuits against President George W. Bush over the domestic spying controversy. Fair enough you may say, we all know Chuckie boy is a Republican propagandist. We just found it funny that one of his poster boys, Christopher Hitchens, is one of the people supporting the moves having been spied on himself.

Plaintiffs in the case believe their communications are being intercepted by the NSA and that the program is disrupting their ability to talk with sources, locate witnesses, conduct scholarship, and engage in advocacy, the ACLU said.

Plaintiffs include authors and journalists such as Christopher Hitchens and Tara McKelvey as well as James Bamford, a leading expert on U.S. intelligence and the National Security Agency.


elemental said...

Something about Hitchens casting in with CAIR seems funny to me.

adultmalebluegrouse said...
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