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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hyperbole rulez!: Jawa Report and the 'terrorist'

The other day, Charles Johnson trumpeted: "Rusty Shackleford Helps Nab Would-be Terrorist, and LGF applauds".

As with so many things Johnson, not all is as it seems. Any minion bothering to click the link and read Rusty's blog post would have found a sorry tale of bloated self-importance and Mitty-esque delusions.

Rusty claims that, because he found the email address and forum postings of a man who claimed to be planning a terror attack against the US, and because this man was subsequently arrested and convicted of a crime, his blog, the 'Jawa Report' somehow foiled a terror attack.

If only.

What the Jawa report actually did was help lead the authorities to someone who appears to have violated immigration rules and, while living in the US, posted comments fantasizing on a message board about organising a terror attack (not unlike what LGFers do day in, day out).

Said person lied about his forum postings to the FBI, who naturally interrogated him about them, and now he is being done for "lying to Federal investigators". And that, friends, is it. Somewhat bizzarely, our friend Rusty describes this as a "terrorist" offence.

Now ask yourself this: if the FBI thought there was any chance of getting this man convicted of a terrorist offence, don't you think they would be urging prosecutors to do their duty and protect America from this fiendish individual?

The fact that there is nothing to suggest that the man was anywhere near recruiting a terror cell, never mind organising an attack, seems to have passed both Rusty and Charles by in their conclusion that bloggers 'nabbed a terrorist'

So, basically, Jawa Report is a fraud for claiming the scalp of a terrorist, and Charles Johnson is a fraud for claiming Jawa Report caught a terrorist. But then, what do you expect from an ex-hippy who thinks he's a lizard and plans to take over the world in his pajamas?

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