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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ignoring Pajamas

Has anyone else noticed that Marc Cooper who sits on the PJM Editorial Advisory Board doesn't link to Pajamas Media on his site and doesn't host their 'ads'? Isn't it strange that a man so closely connected to Pajamas Media also links to Truthdig and the Huffington Post? Who I would imagine constitute their competition.


UPDATE: Marc Cooper writes: "i havent even noticed. my blog was recently redesigned and i havent had time to update the blogroll. i apparently pay much less attention to these things than you do."

There you go: all is well in Pajamaland.

UPDATE: Seems like Mr Corn still hasn't linked to Pajamas Media in his blogroll or put up one of their ads either. Could it be the 'progressives' at Pajamas are a little wary about advertising their links with the 'astroblogging' trainwreck that is PJM on their own sites? Or could it be more 'coding problems' and delayed tech support.

What's the point of all these 'flashy' ads and 'snazzy' logo's if your progressive 'yes' men don't display them?

UPDATE #2: Marc Cooper responds in the comments section below.


elemental said...

Looks like Bush isn't the only one without an exit strategy.

Marc Cooper said...

wow. thanks for spending so much time worrying about me. i appreciate it. as i said in the query to me, i dont spend much time worrying about blogrolls. I suppose soon I will put up a link to pajamasmedia. you might notice I do have a link to PJ founder Roger Simon, an old friend of mine... and he was one of my first links when i started blogging 18 months ago. The omission of ads and logos from my site is indeed technical.. on my end not pj's. ive been out of town a lot and my tech person has been on another project so...yes... all in due time.
as to my links to Huffpost and Truthdig: maybe these are facts that ought to make some of you reconsider some of your own preconceptions and biases. being part of pj in no way impinges on or informs or impedes whatever i want to blog. so i dont only link to Truthdig but im also a piad contributor to it. I, like David Corn, are also Nation staff members. and here's the part i dont get: PJ was going to exist with or without us. so we -- and you-- had a choice. you could have pj material without a counter point of view. or with u could have pj with indeed some counters from what you call "yes-men" like us. I think the latter option is better. I think a media dominated by conservatives is a at least a tad better and richer if other more liberal voices can have some participation. why anyone on the left would argue that it is somehow better for lefties to self-exclude themselves from any venue is an argument beyond my modest powers of reason. but again, thanks for taking such a strong interest in my welfare!

MJ said...

That couldn't have been written by the real Marc Cooper could it? I was under the impression he was a well respected writer and journalist. The lack of punctuation, sloppy spelling and muddled writing above couldn't possibly be him.

As for being involved in Pajamas, I've seen very few articles of Marc's on PJM so I can't see how it's making that site any richer. It merely makes Mr. Cooper and Mr Corn's decision making look poorer.

PS thanks for clearing up the fact that PJM is a right wing organisation....and not all that fair and balance new media BS that Roger L. Simon was dribbling on about.

(if it is the real Marc Cooper that is)

Winston Smith said...

I've noticed that Marc's articles are ordinarily placed in the "Opinion" category at PJM, whereas equally opinionated and contentious submissions from "right-thinking" PJMers are usually tagged as "World News" or "Politics" or whatever.

I think PJM is consciously trying to market itself as the anti-NYT, whose alleged left-wing bias causes it to consign right-wingers to the editorial page. (Not that such a belief about the Times' political orientation has any basis in reality, as a cursory reading of Duncan Black's blog will show.)

Benjamin said...

Marc Cooper clearly has a more casual attitude to Pajamas than to Truthdig, as well he might.

At Truthdig he contributes seriously, and links to the site.

At Pajamas media he has minimal input and it will probably stay that way.

Pajamas is also a shoddy site - poorly designed, sloppily edited.

Marc's explanation that he was trying to inject liberal input into a conservative site may be genuine and laudable, but it also looks an increasingly tired explanation.

Pajamas Media is a shoddy excuse for a media operation backed as it is by 3.5 million dollars, and with a swish, hyped launch.

I can see little point in Cooper's continued involvement - such as it is - because there is little benefit for either party.

I suspect he is already realising this.

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

You're lucky, LGF Watch. From what I understand, posts like this often spark emails threatening >ruination.