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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oy Gevalt!

It's that time of year again. Israellycool and The Jerusalem Post have drawn up candidates for Best Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards. There are many we'd like to promote. The excellent Jewschool, Orthodox Anarchist, Dov Bear and Jewlicious.

Unfortunately the shortlist for the 'Mega' blogs category do you say? Disappointing.

* Cox & Forkum
* Little Green Footballs
* Power Line
* Protein Wisdom
* Roger L. Simon
* Winds of Change

Now, no offense to Winds of Change, which can be interesting....but the rest? C'mon. Does the Muslim baiting doodling of Cox and Forkum constitute 'Mega'? Does the piss poor 'copy and paste the MSM' and add three lines of comment of Chuckles constitute a 'Mega' blog?

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lgfcritic9 said...

speaking of cox & forkum, check out this slide show:

ironic that an ostensibly jewish blog would groove on suck a "volkish" aesthetic - depicting yer political enemies w. hooked noses and shifty eyes just never goes out of style I guess