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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A history forgotten/ignored

This is a fantastic piece about the Holocaust, the Muslim connections and Muslim attitudes towards it by Mas'ood Cajee.

On exploitation:

A growing chorus of voices which exploits the Holocaust for political gain has been trying to smear Muslims - and Arabs in particular - with grand accusations of complicity in the Holocaust and support for the Nazis. These voices serve hawkish interests in Israel and the United States who wish to justify and legitimize continued war, violence, and yes - even genocide - against Muslims and Arabs. Identifying Muslims with and as Nazis eases the task of selling continued bloodshed to war-weary publics.
On the "Mufti" of Jerusalem:
What these smearing Islamophobes don't like to tell you: the "Mufti" was actually an appointee of the Jewish administrator of British Palestine who completed one measly year at Al-Azhar and betrayed the Ottoman Sultan to join the British. The much-vaunted "Hanschar" SS division - disbanded after a few months due to mass desertions - was the only SS division ever to mutiny. Because they are allied to the power establishments in Israel & the United States, the Holocaust exploiters generally keep mum about American, Jewish, and Zionist complicity in the Holocaust.
On Holocaust denial:
On the other side, too many Muslim and Arab intellectuals and leaders continue to fail in adequately addressing the Nazi holocaust and its implications for today in meaningful, humanitarian terms. Two recent examples include the Muslim Council of Britain's daft refusal to participate in Britain's annual Holocaust Memorial Day and the public indulgence in Holocaust revisionism and labeling of the Nazi holocaust as "myth" by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood chief Muhammad Akef. Deep-seated, knee-jerk anti-Zionism and the continuing occupation of Palestine have unfortunately blinded many Arabs and Muslims to the historical reality and legacy of the Nazi holocaust.
On Muslim heroes of the Holocaust:
In their perversion of memory, Holocaust deniers and exploiters share another moral ugliness. Both insult the memory of the countless Muslims who risked or gave their lives to rescue Jews threatened with extermination by the Nazis. The stories of the Muslim rescuers of Jews are largely unknown and unpublicized. Only in the past fifteen years have Holocaust researchers brought a few to the public's attention.

Several Muslims (whose stories of heroism and courage we know) have since been honored by Yad Vashem and other Holocaust memorial groups as Righteous Gentiles. They include: the Bosnian Dervis Korkut, who harbored a young Jewish woman resistance fighter named Mira Papo and saved the Sarajevo Haggadah, one of the most valuable Hebrew manuscripts in the world; the Turk Selahattin Ulkumen, whose rescue of fifty Jews from the ovens of Auschwitz led to the death of his wife Mihrinissa soon after she gave birth to their son Mehmet when the Nazis retaliated for his heroism; the Albanian Refik Vesili who - as a 16-year-old - saved eight Jews by hiding them in his family's mountain home.

Most Holocaust historians would agree that Muslim Europe - Albania, Bosnia, and Turkey - responded courageously and righteously, especially in comparison to Christian Europe. While there were Muslims who collaborated with the Nazis, they were the exception and certainly not the rule. In addition, in North Africa the Sultan of Morocco, the Bey of Tunis, and the Ulema of Algeria all lent support to their beleaguered Jewish countrymen.

Continental Europe's only independent Muslim country - Albania - was also the only European country to have a larger Jewish population at the end of the war than at the beginning, according to Miles Lerman, a former director of the US National Holocaust Museum. Harvey Sarner, a Jewish American in awe of the Albanian Muslim response, penned the telling book "Rescue in Albania: One Hundred Percent of Jews in Albania Rescued from the Holocaust".


Republican Turkey thankfully followed that same Ottoman tradition of rescue and sanctuary. Due to its neutrality during most of World War II, and its unique geographical proximity to both Europe and the Middle East, Turkey and Turkish diplomats living abroad played an important role for European Jews in danger during World War II and the Holocaust, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Muslim-majority Turkey rescued over 15,000 Turkish Jews and over 100,000 European Jews.
Read it all here:
On Holocaust Exploiters, Deniers, & Heroes by Mas'ood Cajee


Snouck said...

Mr. Masood Cajee states that the Holocaust is being misused for political purposes ie stirring up war hysteria in the US.

In this Masood Cajee follows in the footsteps of Norman Finkelstein, who is mentioned in LGF Watch's links section.

When Snouck stated that the Holocaust was used to further political goals this was taken as a proof of "Jooo-hating" and Nazi sympathies.

To use LGF Watch speak: a Pamalesque show of inconsistency.

Wherefore the difference, ye bright minds at LGF W?


MJ said...

In fact an entire civil religion and cult has been organised around the Holocaust.

That is slightly different and you know it. Certain political groups use many different things to further their cause (your anti-immigration and 'White Patriot' claptrap for instance)....saying that certain groups use an issue and claiming an entire religion and cult has been formed is very different.

Finkelstein and Cajee state that the Holocaust has been misused. You contend something far more sinister.

And stop addressing yourself in the third's fucking stupid.

Winston Smith said...

Well Snouck, why don't you post about this outrageous example of hypocrisy on your blog? Maybe Pajamas Media will pick it up.

Iron Chef Kosher! said...

You can post filth like this & have the nerve to pretend that LGF is racist???

Oh, why am I bothering - you won't post this.