Little Green Footballs

Monday, January 23, 2006

Christian on Hamas ticket

How will LGF'ers and all the other wingnuts on the web respond to the fact that there's a Christian candidate running on a Hamas ticket in the Palestinian elections? I'd say it's highly unlikely that LGF, Pajamas Media or any other of the frothing-at-the-mouth nutjobs will even report it.


Buck said...

A palestinian is a palestinian. Christian or muslim they are all captives. You think he will have any real power? He might have as say about shiria law?

You think he mght be given a leadership role?

It does not surprise me, I have met many palestinian christians. The one who live in Gaza, and want to worship in public, fix a church, or continue drinking beer fear for their lives.

LaoK said...

Opportunist! And to think (if I am not mistaken, I read it on Angry Arab) that the ruling West-sponsored party in Egypt only just started vetting Copt candidates in the last "election."