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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blogging While Drunk - PJ Media Contributor "Atlas"


MJ said...

I missed that post on Pajamas Media, I wonder even if it made their featured post section?

I reads like the teenage angst of a politically confused teenager. Scrawled in their journal after being sent to their room for not taking out the trash.

(Except teenagers usually make more sense, are more aware of politics and let's be honest.....are more literate)

The Anti-Hippie said...

Perhaps drunk blogging does indeed produce more run-on sentences than normal, but my guess is that I'd rather see Pamela (of Atlas Shrugs) in a bathing suit than you.

Steve said...

It was on, Pammy's very own website. She's a member of PJ Media and is getting the Wingnut Welfare handout from Johnson and Simon's paymasters.

Pammy is trying very hard to be the new Coulter of the blogosphere. She has a long way to go.

MJ said...

The Anti-Hippie:

It's not the run on sentences that are the's being a complete fucking nutjob that's a tad worrying.

I'd rather see Pamela in bathing suit than myself in one to be honest. But I'd rather my own company than being in hers. Fucked up homophobic Republican banshees aren't great dinner guests.

The Anti-Hippie said...

Sorry, Colin, gonna have to disagree with you. Pam's not a nutjob. Gloria Steinem is a nutjob. Abortion doctors, nutjobs all. Televangelists... nutjobs. Seeing a pattern?

Steve said...

Anti-Hippie (whatever a "hippie" is), I'm sure you can get your wish. Pammy is very available and loves tough-talking chickenhawks. She's flung herself at all the PJ bloggers. If you can babble like most wingnuts, you could get lucky.

The Anti-Hippie said...

Steve -- If I wasn't 17, and dating and such between her and me wouldn't cause her to be on the recieving end of prison time, then you're damn right. As it stands now... nope.

MJ said...

The Anti-Hippi:

Ah, your 17. Hence liking the childish, immature and idiotic rants of said Pam. Perhaps when you grow a little older you'll realise it's not what's on the outside that counts. It's the cold black heart that beats beneath.

PS After reading her drivel, you've still got a chance....don't talk yourself down.

Steve said...

"Anti-Hippie". Your comment makes no sense at all. I mean in the way of spoken or written english. And a tip:

"I before E, except after C".

A junior wingnut is a sad thing to behold.

The Anti-Hippie said...

"the cold black heart that beats beneath?" How did you know I already qualify for the Junior Republican National Committee?
Also, a hippie is what happens when a hippy (self-proclaimed Communist, or pot-head, for those individuals gifted with an I.Q. of under 75) decides that Brokeback Mountain is worth paying any money at all to see.

Winston Smith said...

Last time I checked, "Brokeback Mountain" was #1 at the box office.

That's one hell of a lot of hippies.

Oh, and Anti? Ben Shapiro did the "gutsy, iconoclastic conserva-teen" act long before you did. If you're trying to become the next Virgin Ben, you're going to do a lot more than simply drag out the occasional "patchouli" reference -- which is a sure sign of a brainless right-wing zombie.

Incidentally, have you decided which branch of the service you're going to join when you turn 18? The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines all need fry cooks.

Nuclear Cop said...

US combat fatalities in Bosnia: 0.

Obviously Pamela overestimates the power of the hummer.

The Anti-Hippie said...

Winston -- I'm already a sophomore in college, so once I get my two-year degree, I'm going to continue on to a four-year school and do ROTC, then probably join the Army, and more specifically become an artillerist.

Winston Smith said...

Good for you.

President Clinton will undoubtedly be proud to have such a fine young man at her service. :)

Shan said...

Neo-conservatism is the new "hippy." Just as the youth movement of the 60s was rebelling in some superficial way against the status quo, young conservatives (South park conservatives, I believe they're called) see themselves as rebelling against PC liberalism as defined by the conservative press.

Anti-hippie, it is said that a young conservative has no heart while an old liberal has no brain. It seems you are possessed with neither.

Winston Smith said...


Their claims of being brave, daring, iconoclastic "anti-Establishment" types are somewhat undermined by the fact that the people they're so enthusiastically defending are, like, the Establishment. I mean, they already control all three branches of the U.S. government -- what more do they want?

moonbat monitor said...

she's friggin' hot.

what's wrong with a little drunk blogging anyways? It's her blog, she can do what she wants with it. That is far less offensive that comments I've seen on DU, Kos or IMC sites, where profanity and hatred are a daily thing.

sheesh. come on.

Pere Ubu said...

So -

getting a blowjob while sending troops to a conflict where there were NO American combat casualties and Repugs muttered darkly about cutting off funding for same troops, bad.

spying on American citizens who had nothing to do with al-Qaeda while sending American troops off to an increasingly unstable Middle East where over 2000 have been killed in combat, perfectly okay.

Doing her would be bestiality for me, 'cause, judging by her priorities, we're obviously not even remotely the same species.

moonbat monitor said...

no pere, getting a blowjob from a 22 yr old intern after you've already been nailed twice for the same type of thing (jones, flowers) only makes me think the guy had horrible judgement. He should have known better. It's politics. Right or wrong doesn't matter - power does. His piss poor decision nearly got him thrown out of office, not to mention put him in a position to be blackmailed and/or publicly humiliated. (one of which happened anyways)I don't think the guy should have been impeached, but it was just plain STUPID for a man as intelligent as he is to get himself into that kind of situation. (again)

And by the way, I supported our actions in the Balkans, most people did. What? You against dissent all of a sudden? Compare the amount killed there with the amount of lives lost under Hussein for me would ya. Also wondering how many U.S. casualties it would have taken in the Balkans for you to say "to hell with this." There were none thank god, but I'm wondering what your magic number is.

In response to your whole "spying" comment - I'm wondering if you have any names of people or situations where people under no amount of suspicion of terrorism were wiretapped. I'd like to know. I haven't heard of any yet. Until you can, you should probably quit talking out your rear end with all the assumptions and speculation. It won't get you very far in a debate.

And oh yeah - I still think Pamela is hot, regardless of her political views. Kind of crass of you to go with the bestiality comment. You sound just like the LGF'ers you despise so much with statements like that.

Very classy.