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Friday, January 20, 2006

What no LGF?

Scott over at Angry White Kid has an interesting piece about Blogs and anti-Arab hate in their comments sections. It's well worth a read, although I'm amazed that he didn't mention LGF (although by mentioning AAH, Jihad Watch, Omdurman and Israpundit he covers some of the worst) .

Read it all here Angry White Kid: Blogging Hate


wiseone said...

Somebody eventually mentioned you. Yeah, I am also one of those "racists" who disapprove of Islam.

Winston Smith said...

You seem to "disapprove" of Islam the same way Ahmadinejad "disapproves" of Israel.

Maybe you're not a racist, but you're definitely a bigot. Why don't you admit it?

adultmalebluegrouse said...

You seem to obviously know a lot about Islam then 'wiseone'.

What is your source of information about Islam on which you make your decisions?


adultmalebluegrouse said...

I just visited your blog Wiseone ('wiseone' (!?), seriously wtf?).

Your obsession with Islam is familiar to me. Youve obviously spent a lot of time and effort on your blog over the last 2 months and gone out of your way to find evidence that Muslims are born evil. Everyone needs a hobby I suppose.

I spend a lot of time at LGF. Whats your LGF nick?

elemental said...

When you're only defense against racism is that Islam is not a 'race' you're still a racist.

Winston Smith said...

Unfortunately, our language still lacks a word to describe that sort of bigotry. "Faithist" sounds silly, and as you say, "racist" is inaccurate -- because there are plenty of Muslims who are black, Asian, and even "Caucasian" (like, ahem, those who live in the Caucasus).