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Monday, January 23, 2006

Settler Child Abuse

Courtesy of Richard Silverstein (Photo by Gil Yochanan)

Crossing the line? Dozens of Hebron and Kiriyat Arba children demonstrated outside police headquarters in Jerusalem Sunday, with some carrying signs of targets on their body and urging Police Chief Moshe Karadi to shoot them

The children and their "Karadi, shoot me" signs were in Jerusalem to demonstrate against the police’s handling of recent riots in Hebron.
Chances of this making a slideshow by Chuckles Johnson?


Buck said...

Do you really not see the difference. In the slideshow there are multiple instances where children are dressed up as suicide killers. Many of them given real guns. Children being taught to KILL.

The picture you post, although horrible does not rise to the same level for three reasons. One because it is a singular occurance. One or two horrible parents does not label a larger group. Come up with 20-30 of these kinds of pictures of jewish children and you might have a story (certainly a slideshow).

Second (most important of all) these children are NOT being taught to KILL. The exact opposite. They are being taught non-violent protesting.
Ghandi style non-violence.

The third point is that they are protesting to stay somewhere, not to kick someone else out because of their race or religion. Sort of ethnic cleansing in reverse. The exact opposite of the palestinian children.

MJ said...

Wow, the settler movement that's being organised around the Kach movement and recently had to have its militants disarmed physically by the now non-violent.

Guess those riots in Hebron were Ghandi-like as well.

Buck said...

Thank you colin for pointing out there is violence in the middle east.

I think this thread is about the children in the picture above, and comparing it to the Palestinian Child Abuse Slideshow of photos on LGF.

I am sure there are lots of pictures of "settler" 10-11 y/o children carrying automatic weapons, in homicide bomber vests, training in paramilitary camp exercises... This just isn't one of them.