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Monday, January 16, 2006

An Enemy That Lurks...

In the course of "normal" military affairs, the chain of command is well-defined. Field commanders have plenty of authority to order strikes and when a further sign-off is needed, it goes up the chain to the Secretary of Defense and ultimately to the C in C, Prince George. But this kind of authorization is formal and lacks the excitment craved by a "bring 'em on" type of guy.

With CIA operations, it's different. The CIA reports directly to the Prince and the Prince can ask for things unseemly otherwise. Like a direct video-feed from a Predator about to smite an enemy that lurks. And the ability to give the "git em" order directly to the operators. After all, where's the fun in being Preznit if you can't play Doom-For-Real? And hey, if it turns out it was just a bunch of villagers, their wimmin and some snot nosed kids, it's not like they were Merkins, was it?

#182 Charles 4/28/2005 5:51:00 PM
I can't believe I once bought into the nonsense that Bush is "stupid." I think he's doing really well. He has good answers ready for every issue and delivers them with conviction.


Johnny Mainstream said...

And I can't believe I once bought into the myth that the man behind LGF is anything more than a brainwashed idiot and a consummate lemming for the Republican "cause."

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Wow. 2 Whole lines of original content from Charles Johnson. I'm overwhelmed. His brain must be exhausted with all that hard work and his poor little typing fingers worn down to stumps. Did he stay up all night writing that?

His political analysis verges on the psychic sometimes. I don't know how he does it. The man is truly gifted. Seriously. His insight towers above us mere mortals in the gutters of Blog St. like an ivory tower built of pure, condensed, solidified wisdom.

The man is an intellectual COLOSSUS.


Pere Ubu said...

Fascism is tied into a philosophy of "we must DO something; no time for thought!". It's not suprising that folks who deep in their hearts hate democracy and debate and compromise and negotiation would be supporting this kind of pseudo-vigilante bullshit.

And, Chucky - Bush "has the answers ready" 'cause he's getting them through the radio strapped to his back.

Brad said...

My, my, my such insightful and witty commentary. First two comments are sooooo funny; you guys should be shaking your dicks in celebration. It's interesting that shit-for-brains Steve J. and his creepy cohorts must approve comments; says it all. No problem spamming sites that allow free expresion, but you don't want anybody critiquing your circle jerk. LGF sucks, but try reading some of the insanity at DU or KOS.

Steve said...

Shit for Brains Steve J here, Brad. Actually, the reason we had to control comments was because LGFers, enraged by being exposed for the vile racists and bigot they are, deluged this site with comment spam. When that wasn't enough, they started posting alleged links to child porn.

Kind of tells the story, doesn't it?

adultmalebluegrouse said...

What has Kos or DU to do with LGF? LGF sucks. Youre right. I agree with you, but whats your point?

This is LGFWatch. The clue is in the name, Brad. DailyKos doesnt need a watch site anyway. LGF already does it.

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