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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Charles holds up message board postings as evidence Islam is evil

Our esteemed reader FM writes:

Just letting you know about one thread currently up over at LGF. What they've done is, gone to a Muslim discussion forum, and taken a couple of posters extreme comments, then put them up on LGF. Obviously one post on one site being a reflection of what all evil Muslims think.

I thought this comment on LGF particularly interesting:

" #5 [] Chicken Kiev 1/16/2006 09:01AM PST

Wake up, world. The stuff that gets posted on and similar web sites (and there are MANY) should be printed in every metro newspaper for all to see, should be put up on billboards above American freeways ... the people of the west should see this stuff, see what the other side is thinking and saying.

Please wake up and see the true face of our enemy. And hear the true sound of his voice. Know what he wants to do and who he wants to do it to. And screw your bullshit about how he's just like you and me and only wants peace.

Thank you, Charles, for posting this but it should be posted EVERYWHERE. In mile-high letters. Maybe we should start a campaign to send links to sites such as this to every moonbat we know. "

I wonder if the same couldn't apply to LGF, considering that I've seen and do see things ten times more inflammatory posted there, on a daily basis by a great many 'lizards'.

Just thought it was fairly hypocritical, in fact ridiculously so, for them to try and point out how bad Muslims are by selecting a couple of extremist statements.

And especially this Chicken Kiev joker's comment. Now THAT's funny. I could make up a 'flyer' or whatever just based on the crazy bullshit I've seen on LGF TODAY, let alone all the stuff you guys quoted from them on lgfwatch, and let alone again all the stuff I've seen in the whole time I've been reading it.

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