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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King - RIP

Gone but never forgotten.

Coretta Scott King, who surged to the forefront of the fight for racial equality in America after her husband Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968, has died at age 78.

She had suffered a stroke and a heart attack in August.

Mrs. King's steely determination, grace and class won her millions of admirers inside and outside the civil rights movement.

Rep. John Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Georgia and civil rights leader, said it was "a very sad hour."

"Long before she met and married Dr. King, she was an activist for peace and civil rights and for civil liberties," he told CNN. "She became the embodiment, the personification (of the civil rights movement after Dr. King's death) ... keeping the mission, the message, the philosophy, ... of nonviolence in the forefront."

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