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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A 'Lizard' writes......

58 zombie 1/15/2006 11:07AM PST

This really and truly gladdens my heart. This re-confirms what I've always suspected: that the Left sees LGFers and our cohorts as absolute ignorant inbred Neanderthals with bad teeth and loaded shotguns. And I want them to continue that misapprehension.

Yep, what a misapprehension?!

(hat tip DD for the last one)


elemental said...

Did he really need to have that re-affirmed?

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Who are those three Minions?

MJ said...

Looks like Tom Selleck, Germaine Greer and an off-duty Santa Claus to me!

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Well the fat runty minion at the top is "Iron Fist", who outed himself (on LGF) as "Steve Johnson" (no relation) from Knoxville, TN. According to messages posted on LGF and on another blog, he's a felon who "killed his best friend Sam" and did some time because the law didn't buy his story about how he accidently shot him in the back. Seems like his time in the "big house" didn't teach him much -- he's always bragging about his knives and guns.

P.S. Felons are not allowed to own guns.

P.P.S. Everything known about Steve Johnson comes from messages posted by him. (Although he whines about being "stalked").

X said...

DD writes about the last one: "I believe the one surrounded by the Deliverance rednecks is

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Good post from MyDD comments:

The one prominent right-wing blog with anything like a community is, of course, Little Green Footballs. But the same GOP/Media Axis types that fawn over (the commentless) PowerLine blog are avoiding LGF like the plague.
Why? I suspect that the fans of LGF give the game away. Even someone as racist and fascistic as Charles Johnson tries to speak in RNC-approved "code" terms that aren't immediately identifiable as racist and fascistic. (The old "dog whistle politics", if you will.) But his regulars, especially "Iron Fist", undermine those efforts and reveal the GOP base in all its unlovely glory.

by Phoenix Woman on Mon Jun 13th, 2005 at 10:37:55 AM EDT