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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What no news?

Can you imagine the coverage and the foaming at the mouth blabbering that would occur over at LGF if the following riot had been orchestrated and committed by Palestinians?

Scores of Jewish settlers rioted in Hebron in the West Bank this morning, wounding a soldier and torching a Palestinian house ahead of the implementation of evacuation orders for a market in the city.

Witnesses said more than 150 settlers clashed with Palestinians in the heart of Hebron after trying to occupy a Palestinian-owned house. The Israeli army said settlers then clashed with police and soldiers who tried to disperse them, lightly wounding one soldier.

"A large number of settlers tried to occupy a house belonging to the Jaber family, but the Palestinians confronted them," Abdel-Jaber Jaber, who is not from the family, said.

Witnesses said Palestinians and Israelis threw rocks at each other and when the soldiers arrived, settlers stoned them. They said the settlers then torched a Palestinian house.

The riots came amidst rising tensions ahead of an Israeli order to evict eight settler families from Palestinian-owned buildings in a market in the heart of the city.
Obviously, there hasn't been a peep from Charles or Pajamas Media.

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