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Friday, January 13, 2006

Oy Gevalt (reprise)!

Jesus' General in his usual swaggering style takes on the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards, and is equally disgusted as us with the appearance of LGF and Cox & Forkum in their line up.

In a comment on one of my previous posts, Ed Marshall asks, "How exactly did
Charles Johnson get into a best "Jewish or Israeli" blog contest anyway?" It's a
good question. After all the publisher of Little Green Footballs is about as
Jewish as a Wyoming honky tonk, yet not only is he up for awards in two
categories, he's a past winner.

Chuck isn't the only American gentile in
the mix. John Cox and Allen Forkum of Cox and Forkum--goyim so goyish they think
a knish is an effeminate basketball player--are in the running for two awards as

So how does a trio of gentiles get nominated for (and in Chuck's
case, win) a best "Jewish and Israeli" blog award. Well from what I can see,
being either Jewish or Israeli isn't as important being politically in line with
about ten percent of the Jews in the United States. That is to say you must
possess an almost genocidal desire to protect Israel. I'll admit that 10 percent
is a guess, but I think it's a good one. While most Jews support Israel, I doubt
that more than 10 percent would consider genocide or ethnic cleansing as
desirable methods for achieving security. Even the General won't go that far.
From what I've seen at the JIB nominated websites, the majority of the nominees
are eager to collectively punish brown people as viciously as possible. That
might not be in line with the thinking of most Jews, but I guess that isn't the
point of these awards.


Richard said...

What you must note in the Awards info posted on the Jerusalem Post site is that the original idea for the award was conceived by Aussie Dave of that awfully progressive, awfully tolerant & just plain nice blog, Isreally Cool.

Dave is of course a member of Pajamas. He also accused me of anti-Semtism (I'm Jewish!) in criticizing the rightist slant of those PJM bloggers who blogged about the Israeli-Arab conflict.

So you have your answere there in a nutshell. Charlie is nominated because his fellow partner in crime is a co-sponsor of the awards along w. the Post.

You've inspired me to write my own post about this. I'll let you know when I have a link. I also have an e mail fr. a J. Post staffer claiming that the awards have a broad diversity of political viewpt. included. But keep in mind this paper was once owned by the ever so corrupt & kleptomaniacal Lord Black (neocon to the core). The staff claims the Post is pretty much straight down the center these days, but that's not been my experience. I guess it's sorta like David Brooks saying that Sam Alito is pretty much straight down the center. It all depends on where you locate the center doesn't it?

Richard said...

Here's that link I promised you to my own post on the Jewish & Israel Blog Awards. If you find the post useful perhaps you could give it some 'play' within your blog?