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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A tragedy, and so many questions

Terrible news from West Virginia. Eleven of the twelve miners trapped in a mine have been declared dead. Rather than repeat baseless blog accusations about the old media and their reporting (like Pajamas Media have done). We here at LGF Watch would rather see an investigation into how officials managed to tell the families of the miners that they were alive. The families were the ones that then broke the news to the press only to be given the devastating news later by the mines officials. The BBC has a comprehensive report, links and timeline here. Our deepest sympathies go to the families concerned.

Families of 11 US miners found dead have expressed anger and disbelief at communications failings which led them to believe their loved ones were alive.
Relatives had been celebrating the "miracle" rescue of the men when it emerged only one of the 12 West Virginia miners had in fact survived.

A witness said one relative lunged for the mine official who broke the news and had to be wrestled to the ground.

The critically ill survivor, Randall McCloy Junior, 26, is in hospital.

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