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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stepping on flags

Charles Johnson is breathlessly reporting on former underground terrorist Bill Ayers desecrating an American flag by "proudly stepping" on in, smearing Barack Obama in the process, because.. You know..

"Ayers was tapped by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to shape that city's now nationally-renowned school reform program.[12] Since 1999 he has served on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, an anti-poverty, philanthropic foundation established in 1941. This became controversial in the 2008 United States presidential election as Barack Obama had served on the board until 2002, with overlapping times of service with Ayers.[13] (Wikipedia)
z0mG, Ayers is des3cr4ting t3h flAg f00, DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!11!1onefour!

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Well, talking about proudly stepping on flags, we could also go on with a game of "smearing by association" that we however will not play at this point..


Anonymous said...

Irrespective of the other points of your post, Bill Ayers was an "underground terrorist."

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous #1, ok, you're right, I was wrong. That's what happens when I "stalk" at 6 AM local time. I've corrected it now.

Anonymous said...

That's okay -- his terrorist activities date back to the so-called "60's." The Weathermen movement probably isn't too well known among non-Americans, so it doesn't surprise me if you hadn't heard of him or his past "career" before.

Obama's connection with Ayers is somewhat unseemly, but still tenuous enough that I don't expect him to pay for it the way he did for Rev. Wright.

Still, I wish sincere Progressives would do more to disown extreme and apparently unrepentant Leftists like Ayers. Not only has he been given a pass, but he has even been given the honor and relative sinecure of a university post. Such blindness to the extremists in one's own camp only gives ammo to arch-conservatives.

V said...

I'm reminded of a remark made by the late, great Molly Ivins during one of our previous tiresome flag flaps (paraphrasing somewhat): "George [H.W.] Bush was presented with an American flag in the form of a birthday cake, and he ate it -- where do you think that one ended up?"

Anonymous said...

The Weather Underground accidentally killed three of their own. Outside of that, they took great pains to make sure no human life was lost during any of their activities.

Like them or not, they don't really compare in terms of "extreme" when considering the many right-wing terrorists that have enthusiastically shed the blood of innocent people all over this country.