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Monday, January 22, 2007

Charles Johnson: Too stupid for Google News

Sometimes Charles Johnson makes it too easy for his opponents (in this case us!) to show him up for the ignorant, blinkered, bullshit spouter that he is.

Witness today's assertion by the Lizard King that "The Associated Press never uses the word 'terror' without enclosing it in quotes"

Then do a search for "Associated Press Terror" on Google News. Result? 7,357 hits. And that's just their recent output...

Granted, many instances will have the word appear in quotes. But many won't. There's terrorism in Indonesia, the Philippine terror leader, and the Somali terror suspects.

As for the use of the term 'terrorist', the wingnut-o-sphere really need to get a handle on why journalists are reluctant to use the term without extreme caution. Phil Rees' "Dining with Terrorists" is a good primer on the subjet.

So, the next time Charles accuses the MSM of stupidity or blatant lying, point him to this post.


fffffffffff said...

An attack by the Little Green Football Team?

Anonymous said...

Gotta give credit where it's due. You got Chris here, he was wrong on if AP uses quotes on not on the term terror.