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Sunday, August 13, 2006

How to cheapen the suffering of Jews the hands of the Nazis

Part One: Compare Hizbullah rocket attacks to the attempted liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto

Is there no low some people will stoop to?

Next week: How Nasrallah's eyes remind someone of Himmler.


J.C. said...

I have watched all the lying going on with the straight faces that they use. This is not surprising . The bigger the lie, the more gullible people seem to be to believe. The Jews are famous liars and have been for millennium.
Most of the ridiculous stories from their bible illustrate that.
The Islamists are also expert at lying , but that is another subject.

The Jews and Christians believe the fate of the world is going to be decided through the machinations of Israel.
There is no scientific, evidence for that , and indeed it is contrary to any basic intellectual honesty.
Why would they believe that universal salvation must come through the house of David ,as they say.? They are brainwashed with these absurd tales.
They will kill any or every one that does get in their way.
Of course money is made during wartime. Also it is a good time to make a grab for more resources.
It appears that there is a lot of fresh/clean water in that river captured recently.
I wonder if they are thinking of keeping it, or would like to.?
I expect more of the 1984 speak from all parties. After all , what they are doing is a throw back to what all price system powers do, If you can`t pay for something, the final position is that you can always steal it.
This is true for stealing women and horses in the old days, or water and oil now.
This just gets worse. These belief systems may destroy the world unless they are stopped. How can they be stopped.?
It is probably time to stop molly coddling them and expose them for what they are. Hate mongering diatribes meant to enlave and control and brain wash.

the gardener said...


adultmalebluegrouse said...

You lost me (and probably most people here) at 'The Jews are famous liars...'

The post was about the ambush of anti-Semitism by modern political commentators.

It wasn't an invitation to promote or excuse it.

J.C. said...

Listen you idiot. You probably think that there are anti Semites lurking every where behind every bush.
The Jews are not Semites. Is that clear.?
The original group was from that area.
I am sick of ignorant people that know nothing telling me things. You are an idiot or just uneducated. The modern bunch of Jews hale from E.Europe , and originally central Asia. They were in S. Russia for centuries.
Judaism has nothing to do with Semites. It is a belief system. Either you are a profoundly ignorant
person, or you just don`t care for the facts.
That's right the Jews are famous liars. You doubt that.? When is the last time god spoke to you. Did he give you any tablets with words written by his finger.?
Listen you moron, get a life. You are obviously not an individual in the sense of being able to think very independently.
As far as my posting yes I managed
to miss the one I wanted. It was the next one down where they examine the
whole idea of the lies that the Israelis put out about being careful
not to bomb innocent people, so yes I posted my post in the wrong spot. So I made a mistake.

Winston Smith said...

Comments containing personal attacks and sweeping bigoted statements will be subject to deletion. Please refrain from making such comments here.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Skip, I don't have a belief in God; but are you claiming that people who do profess a belief are just telling lies?
There are many people who genuinely believe that God does speak to them personally, though not with tablets and words written by his finger.

and why is Judaism so particular?

J.C. said...

Mr. Grouse I don`t like any of the religious ramblers. Why,? They have tricked to many people for to long into doing so many bad things. I like to refer to them ,to myself as the Devil Worshipers. I know I am using one of their terms, and I do it partly for the humor of it.
Am I picking on the Jews.? No, not at all. I don`t like the Muslims , or the Christians , or the Hindus, etc. Why.? As a student of history I could give you a lot of reasons.
Could this be construed as bigotry.? I honestly don`t think so. Why should I give credence to any false set of belief systems.? I do not find the Occult attractive and that is what all these religions are. Why should I believe in anything.? Let alone this stuff they preach.?
I don`t jump through the usual hoops of trying not to offend. Because I am rude.? Or uncouth.? No , I just think a little honesty will not hurt the proceeding a bit.
If you care to you can download my book from - It is free there, and as a file you can read a chapter now and then. -- I get into a detailed chapter or two of the origins of western religious thought. I start in 2200 BC in Babylon. -- I honestly would like you to know how I feel on the subject if you care to.
Now you know and I know that Bush thinks that he has this ability to auger god. I rest my case as to your question of people who think they talk to god. These people are dangerous lunatics.
I got carried away with my calling of the name, idiot. I didn`t mean that , and I don`t think there are any idiots here.
I got used to writing in a rhetorical polemic style, and as an effect perfected by the Greeks in their debates , people try and make points sometimes a little to excitedly, and maybe a little extremely. I am guilty of that. I studied Demosthenes to much. Sorry.

Brabanter said...

Sievert all humans lie you dumb fuck.

You should be reserving even more of your ire for the Catholics and Mormons who claim to have had the Mother of God/Angels/whatever you're having yourself, speak to them in the last 150 years. At least with the Torah, we are talking of thousands of years ago, so whatever truth there maybe has been lost over time. btw. I personally subscibe to no creed FWIW

But I get get the feeling that you are an LGF type trying to make this blog look bad by the posting of Jew-hating comments.

Sorry, no-dice; what this site is about, is countering bigotry. Your racial slanders are not welcome here.

J.C. said...

You seem to have missed any and all points I was trying to make. Why do you insist on talking about race.? Any scientist will tell you that there is no such thing. Do you not understand that these issues do not involve so called race in any manner.? These issues stem from the various belief systems that are rivals to each other.
As far as getting into the various variations of belief , I do get into all that in my book if you care to look. As mentioned it is free.
Yes the Mormons are brainwashed. And the Catholics and Lutherans were who the Nazis were made up of.
And yes all humans are liars. I even have an aphorism to that effect exactly in my book.~ !
It is never the less my obligation as a human to do my best. That includes telling the truth as much as I can.
It just so happens that I am curious about religion , and have studied the subject for many years.

You say that at least with the Torah after thousands of years any truth may have been lost due to time.
Sorry to have to break this to you
but there never was any truth to any of that religious babbling at the beginning.
The original Jews were tribes of desert bandits/cattle herders that had little to no mercy on any that they came across. Much like the original Islamists they came from a resource poor area, that was hard to survive in. Both these so called religions showed little mercy on their victims. Both document that extensively in their writings.
Now these intractable belief systems are locked in a death grip.
I am not for either side.
I suggest Mr. Brabanter , that you try and understand the bigger picture.
Do I hate the Jews.? Why would I. I consider them victims. In fact it is particularly cruel that the Jews themselves know so very little about who they are and why and where they came from.
Does Judaism have any more value because it has been around longer than the Mormons. ? No both these religions prey on the human spirit. Neither have to do with telling the truth. Both are sad testimonials to mans inhumanity to man. and mans proclivity toward taking advantage, of human gullibility. Are you clear now as to how I think.? I don`t think that is ambiguous.
I would also say that the word bigotry almost goes hand in hand with the word religion. All these belief systems preach and moralize mostly against each other , their being of a single view point,that is grounded in belief, not fact, that does not allow for other ideas,and this seems to be the very definition of bigotry.