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Saturday, May 27, 2006

From LGF, Pajamas Media Commenters on Haditha

BAGHDAD -- Witnesses to the slayings of as many as two dozen Iraqi civilians, allegedly by US Marines, in the western town of Haditha in November say the Americans shot men, women, and children at close range in retaliation for the death of a Marine lance corporal in a roadside bombing.

Macker 5/26/2006 05:16PM PDT
But of course's Memorial Day weekend and they have to show the Armed Forces of the United States as frakkin' baby killers!
Aws Fahmi, a Haditha resident who said he watched and listened from his home as Marines went from house to house killing members of three families, recalled hearing his neighbor across the street, Younis Salim Khafif, plead in English for the lives of himself and his family.
rayra 5/26/2006 05:24PM PDT
Incident took place in November. 6 months ago. Now Murtha and the LLLib media deconstructionists choose to highlight for Memorial Weekend.
/but don't dare qustion their patriotism / support for the troops.
``I heard Younis speaking to the Americans, saying: `I am a friend. I am good,' " said Fahmi. ``But they killed him, and his wife and daughters."
goodbye_natalie 5/26/2006 06:10PM PDT
[...]WTH is excessive force? Are we there to win a war and kill terrorists or are we there to give Ms. Manner's classes? War is to kill the bad guy. I am totally convince if we'd let the guys in the field fight this battle, our soldiers would have been home a year ago.
The 24 Iraqi civilians slain on Nov. 19 included children and the women who were trying to shield them, witnesses told a Washington Post special correspondent in Haditha this week and US investigators said in Washington. The girls killed inside Khafif's house alone were aged 14, 10, 5, 3, and 1, according to death certificates.
pegcity 5/26/2006 06:34PM PDT
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
The descriptions of events provided to the Post by witnesses in Haditha could not be independently verified, though their accounts of the number of casualties and their identities were corroborated by death certificates.
Lazarus 5/26/2006 06:42PM PDT
When Americans wage war ruthlessly, they do so in the name of ending it as soon as possible. Because Americans hate war.
In the first minutes after the shock of the blast, residents said, silence reigned on the street of walled courtyards, brick homes and tiny palm groves. Marines appeared stunned, or purposeful, as they moved around the burning Humvee, witnesses said.
cjstavern 5/26/2006 05:26PM PDT
I for one can't wait for the left to run with this story. As we all know they can't just stop with the facts we know now. They'll smear our military relentlessly for the next 30 days.
Then one of the Marines took charge, shouting, said Fahmi, who was watching from his roof. Fahmi said he saw the shouting Marine direct other Marines into the house closest to the blast, about 50 yards away.
albertanator 5/26/2006 08:10PM PDT
Frankly, dealing with Islamic savages left and right who are trying to kill you can wear down the best man's judgement at times.....
It was the home of Abdul Hamid Hassan Ali, 76. Although he had used a wheelchair since diabetes forced a leg amputation years ago, Ali was always one of the first on his block to go out every morning, scattering scraps for his chickens and hosing the dust of the arid western town from his driveway, neighbors said.
albertanator 5/26/2006 08:10PM PDT
....but the sickening thing is that the vile left and media try to use these things to sway opinion against the far more important mission at hand........and that is stopping Islam and its hordes from overruling us and the world...
In the house with Ali and his 66-year-old wife, Khamisa Tuma Ali, were three of the middle-aged men of their family, at least one daughter-in-law and four children -- 4-year-old Abdullah, 8-year-old Iman, 5-year-old Abdul Rahman, and 2-month-old Asia.
TMF 5/26/2006 06:46PM PDT
By the way, Im finding the reports that the victims were "unarmed" to be non-credible.
There isnt a parakeet in that fucking butthole of a country that isnt armed to the teeth with an AK or two.
Marines entered, shooting, witnesses recalled. Most of the shots -- in Ali's house and two others -- were fired at such close range that they went through the bodies of the family members and plowed into walls or the floor, doctors at Haditha's hospital said.
freedomplow 5/26/2006 09:28PM PDT
Never again will the MSM and their allies paint the United States Military with such a broad brush.
A daughter-in-law, identified as Hibbah, escaped with Asia, survivors and neighbors said. Iman and Abdul Rahman were shot but survived. Four-year-old Abdullah, Ali and the rest died. Ali took nine rounds in the chest and abdomen, according to his death certificate.
goodbye_natalie 5/26/2006 06:52PM PDT
[...]I'm just getting tired watching the good guys get shot in the back while they're doing their best to protect our candy asses.
The Marines moved to the house next door, Fahmi said. Inside were 43-year-old Khafif, 41-year-old Aeda Yasin Ahmed, an 8-year-old son, five young daughters, and a 1-year-old girl staying with the family, according to death certificates and neighbors.
madmama 5/26/2006 06:33PM PDT
In many innocent women and children lost their lives due to allied bombing?
War is war and people get killed.
The Marines shot them at close range and hurled grenades into the kitchen and bathroom, survivors and neighbors said later. Four of the girls died.
Dar ul Harb 5/26/2006 05:17PM PDT
Why the leak now?
Just the LLL3 way of "supporting the troops," and pissing in patriots' potato salad.
Only 13-year-old Safa Younis lived -- saved, she said, because she had her mother's blood on her, making her look dead when she fell. Moving to the third house in the row, Marines burst in on four brothers, Marwan, Qahtan, Chasib, and Jamal Ahmed. Neighbors said the Marines killed the four brothers together.
restitutor orbis 5/26/2006 06:38PM PDT
[...] The only thing upsetting to me about this story is that they got caught.


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janice said...

Let's not forget Iraqi soldiers were there as well. They may have been the ones who killed civilians. Let the investigation bare the truth. We need to support OUR military.

X said...

Does that support extend to backing them even if they have committed war crimes, janice?

Alex said...

I'm not sure who is the author of this post, but it is one of the most effective and moving responses to the apologetics of the right-wing blogosphere i have ever come across.

Kudos to you for showing up the heartless in this way.

The soldiers who did this are probably not monsters, they were probably decent guys screwed up by the horror and strain of a plainly unjust war.

A lot of people might have plumbed such depths if they were in the same situation.

Which is why we should take them out of it.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Anybody else find it amazing that on one hand the 'lizards' are upset that this kind of story is 'released' to coincide with Memorial Day (which it wasn't to be fair, it's been around a while) and on the other they happily justify the murder of babies, women and children in cold blood as 'rough men' acting so they can sleep.

Methinks the veterans of past wars would have a different take on the excesses of the battlefield.

xingyiquan5 said...

THanks for this post. It shows how the lunatic right wing maniacs hate america and are trying to destroy our troops. It's not the troops who are at fault, the buck stops with Bu$h. The cabal that is intent on making billions off of the sacrifice of our greatest heroes. God bless our troops and curse the scum at Little Green Retards who post the hate filled screeds. They are intent on the destruction of our country for profit and must be stopped. Exposing their sick mindset is a patriotic and honorable act. Thanks to LGF watch.