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Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Minion Writes To The Commander

In this heartbreaking post from Lizardoid "justdanny", the former Bushie loyalist writes of his shattered dreams and sense of betrayal:

I'm no longer a President Bush supporter
Heres a copy of an email I just sent to the White House.

Mr President

I have fought for you tooth and nail untill now. But following your support for the government of UAE to own and operate our ports, I can no longer support you.

In this war on terror, you have just set us back further than any gains we have made up till now.

While I supported you I was a proud boisterous supporter. Now I feel betrayed and sickened. You hand the keys to our country to the as sick brother of our enemy. Hundreds of thousands if not hundreds of millions will suffer for this error you have made.

You gave the keys to the equally deranged brother of our enemy, and for this I can no longer support you as my President.

You cant undo this Sir. Its symbolic of something about you that I can no longer trust. And my heart is absolutley broken.

You were my first President. The first person for whom I ever voted. I have a feeling you dont care about those like me who have fought tooth and nail to support you. I think now you will try to shame us into accepting and supporting this horrible decision. It wont work Sir, we are running away from you at a speed much greater than the power you have to explain this one away.

I would ask you to reverse your decision to sell our ports to our enemy, but I doubt you would listen.

Danny [redacted]
Lexington Kentucky

My President is not the friend of Americas enemies
It's a brave first step back to the reality-based community. Congratulations "justdanny"!

UPDATE: This post has been "scrubbed" from justdanny's blog. Clearly, he stepped over the line in speaking so badly of The Commander and was in danger of being banned from LGF by Charles, who brooks no disrepect. Banning would be intolerable for justdanny, who has sewn LGF patches on all his clothes.

POP QUIZ: What do minion "Iron Fist" and Vice-President Cheney have in common? (Apart from being torture enthusiasts).

UPDATE 2: Welcome, people from Atrios!

UPDATE 3: justdanny's now-scrubbed letter to The Commander is cached here. Thanks to reader P.S. for the link.

UPDATE 4: Justdanny has asked us (via comments) to conceal his identity. We're more than happy to oblige.

UPDATE 5: Welcome to the folks coming over from Crooks & Liars!

Update 6: Reader SC has kindly taken a snapshop (see right) of the cached post, lest Google ever scrub it too. After all, this document could be regarded by future historians as crucial historic evidence of the minions turning against their leader!

UPDATE 7: Welcome visitors from, hope your stay is a pleasant one.

UPDATE 8: Roll up, roll up! Plenty more blogs are lining up to laugh at justdanny and his 'first President' post. You'll all get your turn, stand in line....


richard said...

It's just too bad that he's going against Bush for the wrong reason. The "threat" of the port deal has been wildly over-blown by the likes of Michelle & Co., though Bush asked for it by presenting it in such a sloppy, half-assed manner, with his signature action of digging in his heels and refusing to even listen to the worries.

What the commenter should be furious and disilluioned about is a subject that, oddly enough, isn't even mentioned over at LGF: the complete and utter disaster that is our war in Iraq. The past few days have seen Iraq's rapid descent into hell, and Chucky is going on about the usual BS - bad, bad Moslems - as though he's totally oblivious. The war he touted with more viciousness than just about anyone has backfired, and we are on the cusp of a holocaust. Chucky seems to think if he doesn't write about it and pretends it's not happening, it'll all go away. Like a little child who's broken his mother's favorite vase and hopes if he hides the pieces maybe she won't notice...

phinky said...

Gee, letting Osama bin Ladin get away should have been the first clue that Bush is an incompetent fool.

Bas-O-Matic said...

This dude's not coming anywhere near the reality based community. Bush basically isn't enough of a racist for him. He'll vote for the libertarians or some other "third party" loon.

Heywood J. said...

Possibly the funniest thing I've read all weekend. This is a joke, right. "You were my first President." Jeez, kid, sorry you had to break yer preznit cherry on this guy, but it's sure interesting that this is what sent you over the edge.

The first step, as Bush himself knows all too well, is admitting that you have a problem. Go with God on that, justdanny.

Paul Schmelzer said...

The letter is cached, of course.

moonbat monitor said...

yes. he's not enough of a racist. personally, i think we should hand over port security to the taliban. maybe the saudis as well.

is that "not racist" enough for you?

Eric said...

The first step, as Bush himself knows all too well, is admitting that you have a problem.

And I guess the second step, as Bush also knows, is to declare yourself "born-again" and therefore infallible.

MJ said...


Hey it's not a case of handing the ports over to the Taliban (nice straw man, idiot). The question here is the Bush admin allowing a UAE government controlled industry buying into a British company that runs US ports alongside some other foreign governments (China for example) and the mass confusion, inept politiking and muddled statements....all done on Chimpsters watch.

Justdanny is a semi-literate moron. It's funny for people of a certain political bent to see even 'lizards' are starting to realise that Bush may well be the worst president ever. Even if it is for slightly differing reasons.

monte said...

Justdanny may be semi-literate or worse, but it's no reason to be so snarky or uberintellectual. I have been embarassed more than a few times by the honesty and transparancy or those I thought humbler than I. Perhaps Justdanny might respond well to support of his supposed epiphany? I doubt he would to most comments here.

--mf said...

What the commenter should be furious and disilluioned about is a subject that, oddly enough, isn't even mentioned over at LGF: the complete and utter disaster that is our war in Iraq. The past few days have seen Iraq's rapid descent into hell, and Chucky is going on about the usual BS - bad, bad Moslems - as though he's totally oblivious.


The saddest thing of all about the 'quasi-fascist-religious" support of Bush (read, LGF/Comments; FReeps; neoCon Pundits; et al.), is that they will not, nor cannot accept the reality of a failed Iraq BushWar, until they see the mass-evacuation, and the Flag being flow upside-down and ultimately struck in the Green Zone... They won't begin feeling the cognitive dissonence util we suffer another Beirut bombing disaster. Why must they wait until then? I don't know, but, they are sneering loudly at any of us who are trying to tell them beforehand...

NOW is the time to be reaching out to the UN, to NATO, to any other regional Orginizations, and trying to truly come up with a real coalition to get us out of there, and somehow, keep the peace... Iraq will never, ever be, or look the same from now on. We can only hope that 1.] The World Community would listen and 2.] be willing to bail George out. Oil prices will be SOARING in the meantime.

Either this Administration says, "POP!" and removes their collective head from their collective rectum, or we are all as fuct as we could ever want to be.

Pakistan-- nuclear muslim state-- is on the verge of total melt-down.

The failure in Iraq, is the catalyst for this horrid Pakistani nightmare about to unfold... Hello, Osama with (the former Pakistan's) nukes.... That's a real threat. West of iran is only the tip of te iceburg.

Get ready... the fig poop is about to hit the fan... Will George be able to deal with it? Has he been able to in the past?

All that time, all those lives, all that matriel and money in Iraq... Why?

Bin Laden and all of the Taliban **may** have been totally finished by now, the Darfur **may** have been pacified by now... We'd still be patrolling the no-fly zones over Iraq, maintaining and reforming the Fod For Oil Embargo Terms and would have had a full-strength Military force, with abundent recruits coming in, ready to act as the big stick against Iran's real threat...

So many opportunities that George squandered for political gain... So sad for all of us. But, they won't admit or accept it until bitter ends.

And those ends WILL be horrifically bitter... for all of us.

Stand by. It's coming.


wytcld said...

Right, it's the half of the royal family of Dubai that didn't go on the hunting trips to bin Laden's camp in Afghanistan who are obviously in control now, for the moment, maybe even for a few years more. Maybe forever. And those other princes? Surely they wouldn't be able to use their family's control of our shipping terminals to, ahem, smuggle anything. Not while daddy's favoring their "We love America" brothers instead.

legadillo said...

I prefer to think that the ports deal isn't a horror story, because that would mean that a complex situation has been dumbed down to a simple idea: Bush wants to let al Queda hire terrorists as stevedores; and that the repug public relations machine is flailing about trying to convince it's IQ-impaired base otherwise.

And then we would have the satisfaction of seeing THEM in a position WE'RE familiar with.

Oz said...


You might not have noticed, but the Saudis own Citibank, much of Disney, a large chunk of the Carlyle Group (with Poppy Bush), and many American oil, utility, phone and resource companies.

So sure, give them the ports as well. Might as well make the takeover official.

But hey, I'm sure your Preznit has some sort of 'plan', right?

Bob Munck said...

Someone is posting justdanny's cri de coeur as comments on various threads on lgc, and they're a-scrubbing them off as fast as they can. It's funny, they seem to know how to clear the contents of a comment, but aren't able to delete the fact of its existence. How long will it be until the list of bloggers on the blog is one shorter, and justdanny is an un-person again.

justdanny said...

I enjoy seeing everyones excitement over my anger at the Bush Administration.

But I wish the operator of this site would remove my picture and name from this site.

I don't expect you to do so. But it would be a nice thing to do.

Ya'll shouldn't always be so mean.

R Paul said...

tho i never saw it before, LGF sure as hell does suck.

hope i never see it again.

JoeBuckstrap said...

Colin W,

Good observation. When even the reptile brains smell a rat you know things are pretty bad.

The ports deal will go through anyway. The Bush crime family has too much tied up with the UAE, the Saudis, Kuwait, other Arab potentates and the bin Laden family to see it go down. You can already see where the GOP is headed with this: they care only for their campaign cash, retirement and lobbying consultancies. They will spin this every which way from Sunday to downplay the risks.

If one looks at George Tenet's testimony before the 9/11 Commission it is interesting to see what he said when asked why the CIA did not avail itself of the opportunities it had to neutralize bin Laden. He replied that it would have been necessary to take out half the royal families of the UAE, who were camped with him.


The Liberal Avenger said...

Nice catch!

Phila said...

I have a feeling you dont care about those like me who have fought tooth and nail to support you.

"Tooth and nail," huh? Well, I guess if you sit at the computer all day drinking soda pop, it could damage your teeth. And we all know the heartbreak of having a nail break just as we're adding that all-important final exclamation point to "Kill the ragheads!!!!"

Hell, Bush doesn't even care about the people who actually put their lives on the line to fight in his bullshit war. Why should he honor the "sacrifice" of some dipshit Keyboad Kommando from LGF?

Shrink Rat said...

Repukelians are such rubes.

Easy to manipulate but the ruling elite. Except most won't enlist to be cannon fodder. Gotta work on that.

Richard said...

You're welcoming this ignorant slug into our reality based community?? I have to part ways with you. This guy just continues the same assinine, inaccurate drivel about the ports deal that you can hear at Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, New York Post, Fox News and, I'm deeply sorry to say, at Daily Kos & other progressive sites.

Anyone who says with a straight face that Dubai Ports World is going to "own" a U.S. port is an ignorant cretin 'cause it just ain't so.

This guy isn't getting' anywhere near MY reality based community.

MJ said...

I think the invite was a sarcastic one. Check out justdanny's site and his posting on LGF. He's so far away from reality it's untrue.

His letter to his 'first' president was pure comedy.

rmadrazo said...

While reading the letter I thought the same thing Phila did: "Wait, if this is the first president he's voted for, he must be of military age. Tooth and nail?"

Oh. Justa nother yellow elephant.

ElectricBassPlayer said...

Let's cut the guy a little slack. After all, the first time I voted, I voted for Reagan.

The kid's been brainwashed by the media to think that liberalism is by definition bad, and that Bushism equals conservatism, which, of course, it is not. He just doesn't know any better.

I'll take any illumination into his dimly-lit world as a positive sign. The first step is to realize Bush isn't always right. That's a pretty good first step. Maybe all the backlash he's getting from his own side will make him realize that freedom of thought or expression is totally opposite to Neoconservatism and will nudge him even further away.

Let's hope for the best for this guy. I do.

Scott said...

This guy sounds like a 12 year old kid who just found out Santa doesn't exist. I am curious about how he fought for "his" president "tooth and nail" was it at the keyboard or joining the army?

justdanny said...

Thank you for removing my full name and obscuring my photo. I apprecuate that.

lgc got over a thousand hits saturday as a result of your post. Its the most we've had in a single day.

I removed the post mostly because my anger has subsided and although I did write the White House, I'm not opposed to President Bush. He is still very much my President. I would vote for him again, could I.

ron said...

actually, i thought he sounded like a 12 year old girl who had a crush on clay aiken and just found out he was having gay sex in hotels with military men.

except in this case its even sadder since this guy is of voting age and really should have a life. a fabulous life with a real man, not some imaginary rovian construct of what a man should be.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Brilliant. I loved the LGFW updates.

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Heh.

Enjoy the publicity JustDanny. You'll return to obscurity soon enough.

jf said...


The guy's over 30 years of age. Hardly a kid by anyones reckoning...

M. Sphinx said...

I'm on to you, LGF Watch. justdanny is really Jesus' General! Only he could have written such a hilarious piece of satire.

CNK said...

It's sad but the hatred and fear of Muslims cannot be overcome by the simple manlove between a lizardoid and his Bush. Perhaps in the future our society will be more accepting of the bigotry that all LGFers hold in their hearts, but for now, Bush must walk alone on that fine line between ethnic slaughter and suckling the oily brown teet that feeds him.

Sonic said...

Nice work!

justdanny said...

In closing. LGFwatch once credited me with their inspiration to open commets here.

I found out that Dave Ray and the chick at Silt3 were in with others operating LGFwatch. And announced my findings to the net, and Charles Johnson of LGF. Charles then banned Dave Ray.

Also. I'm like the village idiot at LGF. For LGFwatch to give anything I say or do the time of day, as somehow representative of LGFers, just shows how off the mark LGFwatch really is.

You guys don't hate Charles and LGF and LGFers. You guys hate those who oppose your views. If LGF never existed, you would simply point your anger at some other unworthy target.

lgc is dedicated to LGF, for me personally, because I love the friends I've made their. Friends who often see the world as I do, or close enough.

Bikers hang with bikers. Baseball players hang with baseball players. Hippies hang with hippies. Rappers hang with rappers. Lizards hang with lizards.

The big "crime" you see in LGF is no different than the crime LGF sees when they look at your views. They are no more guilty than you. You are no more brilliant or divine than them.

But you are liberals. I was once a liberal. Then I started paying attention to things outside of me and not so much to things inside of me and I changed. I say I woke up. You would say I went to sleep. Having not long ago been active on the left, I know what I see when I look there now.

Drink as much haterade as you want. But then keep your mouth closed and use your hands more.

jf said...

Did Daddy write that for you?

Unknown said...

justdanny, as the LGFW Team Member who posted your letter to The Commander, I am puzzled and sad you are feeling a victim here. If you read the post, we express nothing but sympathy for the sense of betrayal and loss you felt for a day or two, and welcomed what we thought was your journey away from the deceit and incompetance of the Bushies.

Also, we were happy to conceal your previously disclosed (by you) indentity, as soon as you asked. We know that free-thinkers who diss The Commander in any way are frequently attacked by his loyalists and we didn't want you to pay the price for your bravery.

Well, sad to say, it seems they have got to you. There can't be any other explanation for a person of conviction, such as yourself, reversing himself on such a matter of principle.

We are here to help you, justdanny. And when you can no longer restrain yourself at the latest evidence of Bush wrongdoing (like his lies about Katrina, exposed just today), know that you have not just a platform here but friends who want to help you.

As a great newsman used to say: