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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Those damned Buddhists!

Some of you may have heard that there is a mass movement in Thailand trying to oust the current Prime Minister, who stands accused of corruption on a massive scale.

Pictures and reports from the protest can be found here. One interesting picture is the one below, not so much for the swastika, which has become a general symbol of evil across the world, but the comparison of Thaksin with Bush.

And Charles: Most Thais are Buddhist, not Muslim. Get your head around that!


moonbat monitor said...

I don't agree with the comparison of Hitler.

There's a big difference between Bush taking out the Taliban and Hussein and Hitler trying to invade...well...most of earth for no reason at all.

I think it's just a cheapshot by people that have a different political ideology, especially economically/socially.

Like i'd really care what some communist still angry over the cold war or some terrorist sympathizer thinks any darn way. Anyone that compares Bush to Hitler is intellectually dishonest or just plain stupid. The two men are nothing alike.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

You're right.

Hitler was more popular.

moonbat monitor said...

so popularity is everything, eh? Suuuure. I'm just wondering what Hitler's approval rating was inside all the countries he smashed. I'm sure Jews loved him too.

that was not a very intelligent statement. Nor was it funny, as you may have intended it to be.

MJ said...

Nice strawman you constructed there MM.

moonbat monitor said...

so you guys agree with one another, popularity is most important?

that wasn't a strawman, moron. it was a valid point. Hitler may very well be the most hated man in all of history. making a stupid statement like "hitler was more popular" is so goofy it's hardly worth a response, but I choose to shoot holes in stupid statements on occasion, as I did what that king sized pile of crap.

If either of you think hitler was more popular than bush in anywhere than germany, you're ignorant. plain and simple.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Thanks for using 50 words responding to a comment to tell us how much it isn't worth a response.

It's an open forum here. Serious responses to hit and run trolls aren't mandatory. Don't try to dissect comments too much MM. It's hardly worth your obviously valuable time. Please regard my comment as it was intended.

A joke at your expense.

jf said...

You ignored the point of the main post and constructed an argument based on a throw-away line by one commenter on the thread.....STRAWMAN