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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Comment is free, apparently

What have Glenn Reynolds, Arianna Huffington, Azzam Tamini, Gary Younge, Steve Bell and George Galloway got in common?

They all contribute to LGF's favourite British liberal newspaper's new enterprise, the Comment is free blog. What will the 'Lizards' think of Pajamas man Reynolds sharing a platform with Galloway? The mind boggles. It's such a pity Reynolds doesn't concentrate on getting this kind of content for Pajamas Media. It would make it a whole lot more interesting.

UPDATE: This from Pajamas Media:

April Fools may be coming early this year at Adloyada, but the blog is reporting a virtual earthquake at England’s most religiously leftwing of all its dailies - The Guardian.Today’s paper publishes a column by self-described neocon Oliver Kamm. Adloyada says that’s only the beginning with the likes of Melanie Phillips, Mark Steyn, Norm Geras, David Aronovitch and even David T. of Harry’s Place being mooted as star columnists for the “Grauniad.” We’re skeptical but interested.
No mention of Glenn writing for the 'Grauniad's new mega blog? Could it be Glenn hasn't told his other Pajamanistas that he's contributing to a far superior version of Pajamas website? We wonder.

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