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Saturday, March 25, 2006

March for Free Speech today

Don't forget, if you're in London or Berlin, today is your chance to march for free speech and against censorship of any kind: uncomfortable facts, prophet cartoons, satirical plays, you name it, someone in the supposedly 'free' West is trying to ban it.

Now is the time to start a mass movement in support of free speech. Join us.


Islam Is The Borg said...

Really, any facts whatsoever?

How about

"Muslims consider a genocidal serial rapist to be the epitomy of moral perfection, and LGFcritic considers people who point it out racist."

Safiya Bint Huyay had her family slaughtered by Mohammed. She was then taken as "booty" by him. Raped.

Muslim's respect Mohammed, and in order to respect Muslim's you must respect Mohammed.

Do you respect a rapist? A murderer?

Anti-Islamic sentiment is not racist. It is a matter of morality. Either you support rape and murder, or you don't.

If you suppport muslims, you support the crimes of their "prophet". You support rape and murder.

You might call me a racist. I call myself a Safiyist. I am for Safiya, and against those who consider her rapist the epitomy of moral perfection.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Borg. I've not heard that story described so colorfully and with so much obvious enthusiasm before.

There are many stories and accounts in the Christian bible which describe far worse events than you have just dramatically presented to us naïve, unwashed illiterates.

Many of the Biblical events are still celebrated as acts of faith by Christians and Jews and taught to children. I don't have time to give you examples but if you have read any Bible in your life you'll know what I'm talking about.

They lived in different times. You're projecting your modern Western values onto historical society.

Islamic scripture really isn't that special.

Brad said...

Gosh Adolescentredtransgenderedsycophant,
I’m humbled by the depth and brilliance of your response to borg! Your obvious grasp of theology and history, as well as present-day reality, is truly impressive. And I can imagine that someone of such import would not have the time to give examples of what they write, but hell, substance is for fools, and you do not suffer them lightly. Living in the cyber-stalker world that you do, you may not have heard of these insignificant and nebulous people and occasions, but if you can tear yourself away from the Chomskyesque comic books that so fully inform you, please consider: Kant, Orwell, The Reformation, Burke, Rousseau, Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence (admittedly lifted from Rousseau, but no one’s perfect), Hume, Augustine, The Renaissance, Hegel (ok, he’s often blamed for Heidegger, but…), Vatican II, Descartes, Charlemagne, The Enlightenment, John Paul’s apology, Locke, Adams, Bokunin, Dickens, Voltaire, etc etc. None of the aforementioned were or are possible in Islam until women are free and the peaceful masses (which I believe exist) force reform. Until then Adolescentredtransgenderedsycophant, you, and your clueless defense of the status quo, are part of the problem.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Enjoyed the humor, Brad. Thanks for taking the time. But I think we're observing different problems. I may be part of yours, I dont know. You seem to think so.

My problems with the world dont revolve around Islam, but I am concerned with extremism. The home grown kind that you and other LGF banshees represent.

Winston Smith said...

On another note, I see some of the wingnuts are complaining about the London marchers' request that no Muhammad cartoons be displayed (a request that was ignored by at least one participant).

Can someone refresh my memory? Were there any Muhammad-cartoon posters at Hitchens' little confab at the Danish Embassy in D.C. last month? I seem to recall that Hitchens himself issued "guidelines" (as the London organizers did) for appropriate slogans...

Brad said...

I had a trig prof when I was an undergrad that used to get ticked off when students would ask question that pertained to material he had covered several weeks ago; once he got mad at two young women in the front row, because they were asking questions that pertained to algebra. I remember what he said: Sometimes you can find many different ways of explaining something, but sometimes you can only say it louder and slower. Let me say this one last time, LOUDER and sslllooooowwwerrr. I do not visit LGF with any frequency whatsoever, I have never commented there, I find them to be quite uninteresting and I am not an LGF banshee or any other LGF whatever. In fact, the path I took to this blog had nothing to do with LGF; I occasionally read a neocon blog (in addition to every other stripe of blog) where SteveJ had left some pretty petty and intellectually sterile spam. I had had one gin and tonic too many so I "followed" him here and insulted him. I later complemented him for allowing my insult to be approved, and something else (don't remember what), and I have periodically checked up on you guys ever since. Much more than I ever go to LGF.
If your wondering why I would take the time to address you and this issue, it is because I think the commenters here are decent, intelligent folks, but as someone once said: the sign of a wise person is that they can hold ideas, often contradictory, even ugly ideas, in their minds and imaginations without necessarily accepting them. Consider it. I haven't seen that wisdom and equanimity here, although I have entertained no thoughts that y'all aren't capable of it.
You are not part of my problem, as you wrote: You do not even exist in my world. My point, which you are too ignorant or intellectually lazy to understand, was that uncritical apologists for the extreme elements of Islam do more damage to their coreligionists, particularly the women, than do the people of LGF. And for that you should be criticized! There are numerous examples in recent history of this little problem morphing into a monster.
BTW And now I am totally pissed (British pun intended): do you realize how ignorant and childish your response makes you appear. No substance, no humor, no sagacity, no point; only a categorical relegation of me to the garbage can of society, without addressing (or apparently, understanding) my central argument (Chomskyesque bullshit to the max); ruling my position out, a TKO, without even letting me strap on the philosophical debate gloves. That, little man, is called cowardly. A banshee? WTF; it appears that my eight-year-old boy has a larger vocabulary, a greater understanding of history (he is his grade school’s acknowledged expert on Roman history), and a sharper wit than you. Also, that attitude diminishes the credibility of not just you, but this blog, and all the commenters, including SteveJ (gotta love that guy). Adolescentredtransgenderedsycophant, maybe you should leave your basement and quit watching pro-wrestling, or whatever it is that you do in lieu of reading, and breathe the air of life, where nobody, not LGF, not LGFwatch, nobody has an intellectual grasp on the neck of their opponents.
I doubt that you will respond to this because I doubt that you have the wisdom to debate someone that simultaneously appreciates your intellect and disagrees with your worldview. Surprise me.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

This is the last time I'll post on this thread, Brad. You have the last word if you feel the need. Surprise me.

I think you read far too much into my first comment here. Lets get this straight. I'm an opponent of LGF.

I'm not a supporter of Islam. Neither 'radical Islam', LGF 'perceived radical' (a generalization which becomes broader by each of Johnson's posts!) nor any another kind.

LGF is not a blog devoted to opposing radical Islamism. Its anti-Muslim. Period. It's a racist, vile, bigoted pigsty forum. Opposing LGF and Charles' unhealthy obsession with the dark Muslim ghosts of his paranoid nightmares is not being supportive of Islam.

LGF is not the opposite of radical Islam it pretends to highlight. It's just another kind of hate.