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Monday, March 06, 2006

Reckless misuse

David Clark, former Labour governmental advisor has the following to say in the wake of the Ken Livingston affair.

Real anti-semitism is a serious and growing problem, and there is a need for political consensus about how to tackle it. But debate is poisoned and consensus becomes difficult when allegations of anti-semitism are bandied about for reasons that have nothing to do with fighting racism. An inquiry that wants to confront anti-semitism should also confront those who cheapen the term through reckless misuse.
I doubt the likes of Charles Johnson and Pamela Gellar Oshry would even begin to understand what he's saying.

(Emphasis mine)

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

I'm glad there are people who dont feel intimidated bringing this subject out into the open. I've always found the reflex action anti-anti-Semites rather lazy and cheap when discussing their brand of politics. Pamela Gellar the screaming banshee is one. Zulubaby the ghoul of LGF is another.

Theres an excellent series of essays by numerous people published as The Politics of Anti-Semitism

It goes into detailed analysis of the (quite recent) ambush by right-wing proponents of Israeli policy of anti-Semitism.

"How did a term, once used accurately to describe the most virulent evil, become a charge flung at the mildest critic of Israel, particularly concerning its atrocious treatment of Palestinians?"