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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All hail the 'new' Afghanistan

This is incredible. How many coalition lives were lost to install this 'democracy'? The 'lizards' will claim that rebuilding Afghanistan was not the mission. Well, lizards the other mission involving the capture of Osama bin Laden didn't go to well either. So for the good of the country and its inhabitants, I think it really would be essential for the Bush Administration to make sure that it doesn't end up in the hands of the local warlords. Woops! Too late.

Think about this: you are the lone female Member of Parliament, you are extremely popular for speaking out against violence, duress, and religion oppression. You face ongoing threats, demonstrations, and heckling – just recently four assassination attempts have been made on your life; during a live TV call-in show a viewer has threatened to kill you, and so on. Yet your government and its supporting Ally withdraw money for your security. Sound like a set-up job for aiding and abetting would-be assassins? This is the situation Malalai Joya, Afghani MP faces when she returns to Afghanistan at the start of April from a month-long tour of the US. While "the world’s premier rent-a-cop business," DynCorp, covers Hamid Karzai’s back on behalf of the US, the one person publicly speaking out against the war lords is being stripped bare of protection. Outrageous? I sure think so.
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