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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Charles Johnson. A Van Gogh of our time.

Pamela Gellar Oshry aka Atlas Shrugs is mad. You all knew that right? Mad as a box of frogs in fact. Here's part of a hilarious interview she gave Blogometer.

Who is your favorite political blogger?

Little Green Footballs. Hands down. When the history books are written, Charles Johnson will surely go down as a great American that made a critical difference between victory and defeat. His role has been largely ignored but so what? Most of the greats are ignored in their time. Van Gogh was ignored in his time too, although I don't think Charles can draw... but you get my meaning. The media wants Charles and the blogs for that matter to just go away. But just the opposite is happening, the blogs are dictating the national dialog. What's on the blogs today, is in the news 3,4 sometimes a week later.
Thanks for this gut bustingly funny interview has to go to The Blogometer and the commenter Pilsen Books in the comments section.

PS Pamela, how exactly is Charlie boy dictating the national dialog better than the MSM? That's who he cuts and pastes. I guess love is blind.

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elemental said...

That's funny because the main reason Van Gogh is so appreciated today is because he was fucking nuts back then.

Fucking nuts works for artists, but for political commentary, once the novelty wears off their either forgotten, laughed at, or used as an example of how not to be.