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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pajamaline Pammy

James Wolcott breaks a promise. Meanwhile, Pamela mentions she's "interviewing" John Bolton to which a fan on her site posts:


If you end up blowing Bolton will you take a picture of him with his cock in your mouth and you giving the thumbs up?

That'd be cool.

UPDATE: Direct from LGF's post linking to Pammy's interview (I always thought that meant asking interesting questions though) here's two comments that go perfectly with the photo above.

#1 Ed Mahmoud abu al Qahool Martyr Brigades 3/6/2006 09:39AM PST

That Bolton is a lucky guy.

#4 Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus 3/6/2006 09:41AM PST

Wow, how'd she swing that interview?

Oh, wait...

UPDATE #2: LGF Watch has been sent a Memory Stick left in Pamela's hotel room. Following is a transcript of the contents:
Pammy: So, wow. I can't believe this. Me and the Ambassador...
Bolton: Get ya a drink?
Pammy: Be proud to drink with you, Sir.
Bolton: Pinot Noir, right?
Pammy: How did you know?
Bolton: Oh, I know a lot about you.
Pammy: Little me?
Bolton: Oh yeah. NSA hooked me up with your blog
Pammy: I love the NSA.
Bolton: I saw the pictures of you. That conservative Tee for Black Five... yummy. A little more?
Pammy: (giggle) You getting me drunk?
Bolton: Hahaha.
Pammy: Because when I get drunk, I get wild...
Bolton: I love that picture of you with Glen doing that... you know..
Pammy: Thumbs up?
Bolton: Uh, no. More like squeezing... With your... magnificent... Mmmm.
Pammy: No. No.. you see the leftists... they are disgusting....
Bolton: You wrote some nice things about me. Got me kinda hot. Ooh ya.
Pammy: Oh, and I meant them. You are such a friend of Israel and such... a brave warrior!
Bolton: Thank you.. It's very stressful, the Commander always calling, "we got any more dirt on fuckface? That's what he calls Kofi.
Pammy: I hate Kofi. So, Mr Ambassador.. my interview, what if the Koreans get a long-range rocket?
Bolton: Speaking of rockets...
(noise of unzipping)
Pammy: Mr Ambassador!
Bolton: My rocket is ready for launch.
Pammy: I shouldn't be doing this...
Bolton: You're helping the nation...
Pammy: Mmmm.. mmmm... mmmm....
(remainder of tape: grunting and slurping noises...)

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