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Sunday, March 12, 2006

"He deserved to die"

Even when a couple of 'Lizards' show some humanity and dignity in expressing sympathy and sorrow at the torture and murder of a US peace activist, there are some at LGF who just can't hide their glee.

#137 Promethea 3/11/2006 09:46PM PST

OK, now I've read the entire thread, and maybe I'm missing something.

Why do so many LGFers express their sympathy for this evil man? He was helping our enemies. He deserved to die.

I'm against torture because it's painful and icky, but I think this horrible traitor got what he deserved. Just because he called himself a "Christian" and a "Peacemaker" doesn't mean that he was a good person. He was a BAD man. He was helping murderers. Good riddance.

I'm sure Mohammad himself had issues, was crazy, was naive, could have used a psychiatrist, etc. But the world would be a better place today if he'd been killed before he got to Yathrib.

Sometimes the death of bad people is the best solution. I don't think Fox "meant well." I think he wanted people like me to be killed. He was a Jew hater, and I'm a Jew. Goodbye Mr. Fox.
Disgusting, and just in case you thought that kind of moronic 'opinion' was isolated.
#138 Bill K. 3/11/2006 09:46PM PST

Fox and his fellow travelers are getting their just desserts. They have in one way or another given hope and encouragement to the murderous scum that did them in or will do them in.

It's just too bad that a non-entity like Fox fell into the sub-humans clutches instead of someone who would be much deserving of such a fate, like Ward Churchill.
So Ward Churchill deserves to be tortured and murdered for his views? Aren't these the same people who were so vocal in their defence of 'freedom of speech at all costs' a couple of weeks ago?

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