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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The 'new' Afghan rulers show their colors

Remember how the invasion of Afghanistan was supposed to sweep away the old Taliban rule and the Bush Administration claimed it as a success in the democratization of the region. Seems like the Afghanis have other ideas.

An Afghan man faces the death penalty for converting to Christianity, an Afghan supreme court judge said on Sunday.

Supreme Court Judge Ansarullah Mawlavizada said that Abdul Rahman, who converted from Islam to Christianity, is in police custody and that he could face the death penalty if he refused to become a Muslim again.
Taken from The Middle East Times


moonbat monitor said...

If only Kerry had got elected. I'm sure things would be outstanding Afghanistan.

I'm bein serious.

MJ said...

Countdown to mention of Clinton....5....4....3...2...

Jeez, you people just can't admit Bush has f*cked up can you? He's installed a Taliban-esque regime in Afghanistan, A Mullah based 'democracy' in Iraq, kicked off a civil war there and still hasn't found Osama bin Laden!

And what's your answer?

"If only Kerry had got elected. I'm sure things would be outstanding Afghanistan."

How long after the invasion of Afghanistan was the election? Even if Kerry had won he'd have inhereted the biggest f*ck-up since Vietnam!

moonbat monitor said...

I was being serious. Kerry would have saved Afghanistan all by himself. He has superpowers.

MJ said...


adultmalebluegrouse said...

His superpowers consisting of:

1) Being able to string a coherent, intelligible sentence together in his native tongue, and
2) not suffering from foreign policy attention deficit disorder.

lobbey_dosser said...

I think kerry must sometimes be thankful he didn't win, can you imagine the repub. reaction to what is going on now. At least Bush is saddled with this and has to try and sort it out himself, not that i am holding my breath.

moonbat monitor said...

you forgot about his ability to cause islamic fundamentalists to spontaneously combust at the snap of his fingers.

sheesh. everyone knows about that one.

Steve said...

Ah, Moonbat Monitor, now revealed as a child? A future College Republican, if it can get to college, which seems problematic, from the posts here.

wiseone said...

I don'k know if Kerry could have dealt with Afganistan better, but W has never been good at dealing with the war on terrorism. See? Even some of us "lizards" can say that. W has had his head up the Muslim butts of the Saudi royals for so long that he has been too soft on extremism. He should be screaming his head off at Muslim Karzai, demanding that while the US is in the country, Karzai better look at least somewhat democratic, or US aid is going to take the form of further regime modifications in that country. However, W is too spineless to do that -- he is a chip off of his old man.