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Friday, March 03, 2006

Pointing the finger at a bigot

Dennis The Peasant accuses Charles Johnson of playing the race card and being an anti-Muslim bigot over Chuckles scraping of the barrel when it comes to the Port Security and DPW story. In ohter breaking news, shocking revelations that the Pope may well be Catholic.

So let’s think this through, shall we?

Human rights groups identify a problem of child exploitation/abuse linked to camel racing in the UAE. The government of the UAE takes the correct steps to end the exploitation/abuse and then returns the exploited/abused children to their homes.

Charles Johnson thinks this is horrible.

Of course, if the UAE allowed the exploitation/abuse to continue...

Charles Johnson would find that horrible, too.

At least in theory. In actuality he’d be overjoyed, as it would simply provide one more example of the perfidy of Muslims. Not that Charles is biased, or anything.

In Charles’ world, there is no correct thing a Muslim can do: If they end the exploitation, they’re savages. If they don’t, they’re savages.

But mind you, Charles isn’t Islamophobic... Oh, no, no, no! Charles is a realist!

Oh yes, I almost forgot: The National Security implications of underage camel jockeys on port operations and security in the United States. Well...

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