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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 'new' Afghanistan & Iran

It seems the 'new' Afghanistani 'democracy' isn't only concerned with executing people who convert to Christianity, eroding womens rights and generally kow-towing to local warlords. It is now defending Iran and opposing US moves against it. How many coalition lives were lost to secure Iran a new ally?

Afghanistan's foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah said that his country did not share Washington's concerns about Iran as a terrorist threat, saying Kabul has benefitted from Tehran's aid, AFP reported.

In answer to a question at a Washington press conference about alleged evidence of Iranian terrorism in Afghanistan, Abdullah said: "We have established good neighborly relations with almost all our neighboring countries."

"Iran has been helping us in the reconstruction process. Iran has been supportive of the political process in Afghanistan," Abdullah said here after two days of talks with senior Washington officials.

"Friends of Afghanistan have encouraged always promotion of good relations in interactions between Afghanistan and its neighbors," he said, adding that on the question of terrorism, "we don't have evidence of ... efforts against Afghanistan" by Iran.

Abdullah made his remarks after US Assistant Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, at the same press conference, leveled a litany of accusations against Tehran over its role as alleged purveyor of the tools of terrorism to US enemies.

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