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Friday, March 24, 2006

Pajamas Media Commenters

Behold the ravings of an average Lizard, enrolled for over a year with over 100 posts.

LoneSome Journey 3/24/2006 11:55AM PST
"I see on TV that there are protests across the US concerning
It is past time for the US citizens to put an end, a complete
end, to foreigners, many here illegally, coming into the US and then "demanding"
that the US change to support their concepts of how the US should function.
These IDIOTS leave their country because they do not like it but now want the US to change.
We need a new law. If foreigners protest a US law or policy, they
are DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. If they are found to be illegals, they are
branded. If they are found in the US a second time, put them aboard a leaky WWII vessel and tow it into the middle of the Pacific and leave it there.
Create a bombing and straffing range along the US/spixico border. No warnings as to when it will be used and DO make use of it. Dropping a few thousand bombs and a few hundred thousand shells fired into the area will have a significant impact on these illegal spixicans crossing into the US."
Guess "Lonesome Journey" would like to volunteer for some of the "branding". Or something with a sheet perhaps?

And here's the important point: No one on LGF was particularly bothered by this post, certainly not Charles, who monitors every comment.


poteen said...

no one noticed because it was deleted rather quickly, as it should be and usually is.
you neglected to mention that.

Xylonhexes said...

Spot on as usual. Charles and his minions only care about the immigration "problem" of Palestinians and how Israel is oft persecuted for its "Border Wall".

Any issue that that does not pertain to Israel is oft overlooked or glossed over. After all, Mexican immigrants are good enough to maintain LGFers lawns, supervise their offspring, wash their toilets. but, Mexican immigrants are not important enough, that is, according to Charles and his minions, do not merit the same political value as Israelis.

LGFers are probably the most uninformed on this issue, yet in their ignorance, they continue to propagate xenophobia and racist hatred towards Mexicans, Muslims and others who do not fit the mold of their Neo-Nazi New World Order.

Please continue to expose Charles and his minions for what they are... Fearful Xenophobes.